2014 Manitou Marvel and Minute suspension forks

Manitou’s Marvel and Minute suspension forks are completely revamped, and they’re available in all three wheel sizes.

They get new castings, with FEA-optimized reverse arch designed for stiffness and lightweight. Both forks use the same lowers and have 32mm stanchions, and they share the same hollow forged crown and steerer.

Marvel is pure XC race and only offered in 80/100/120mm travel options and gets the ISO Air system, which is a small rubber isolator between the piston and shaft that helps ease into travel. This gives it firm-ish small bump compliance, in line with XC expectations. You can change travel between the 100 and 120 travel options with internal adjustments.

2014 Manitou Marvel and Minute suspension forks
The rear facing arch puts the indents on the outside, which should make it much easier to keep clean compared.

For bigger travel, the Minute offers 120mm and 140mm options, with the 140mm getting thicker walled stanchions. It uses the MARS air system, which has a coil spring/air combo for plusher small bump performance. They ship with firm springs, but soft, extra-firm and extra-extra-firm springs are available.

2014 Manitou Marvel and Minute suspension forks

Manitou’s Hexlock quick release thru axle remains the fastest, easiest system we’ve seen.

2014 Manitou Marvel suspension fork specs 2014 Manitou Minute suspension fork specs

Click to enlarge for full specs on each model. Weights are likely for the smallest model, we’re hoping to get some in for testing and actual weights.

Currently, their suspension forks jump from these all the way to the dual crown Dorado, leaving a real hole in the long travel, single crown segment. Expect that to change soon enough.


  1. Pricing for the Marvel Pro? Also, I am having a custom Ti 650b built around this fork. The C-A is listed as 472/492. Is this for 80,100, or 120mm?

  2. It’s too bad they are not offering a 51mm offset for the Marvel. It’d be a great alternative to other G2 (51mm) offerings. 41.27mm offset is the smallest offset I’ve see in quite a while…

  3. Poor QC issues and piss poor CS. I remember when my Manitou Nixon damper went out and had to wait 6 freaking months to get it back. It seems once they were absorbed by the Hayes Groups, things got a lot better. Hopefully they learn their lessons before going OEM again. And now that Enduro is getting bigger…The need to make a mini Dorado fork. I would kill for one of those!!!!

  4. I miss my Nixon!

    It would move on the smallest of bumps, never over-used travel, and could handle the bike park.


    Best fork I’ve owned.


  5. Aww…it’s a pity they’re dropping 20mm axles too. They were my #1 choice when it came time to replace my Lefty because they were the only ones making 130/140 travel forks with a 20mm axle that didn’t weigh as much as a semi truck anymore!

  6. I was in love with my 140mm Minute. But I bumped up the travel on my bike, so the fork had to go. Now if only manitou made 160+ fork, I’d get that asap.

  7. I missed the name – rename. Minute 29 to Tower and back to Minute.

    I actually still have a Nixon, two actually. A 160 IT and a 145 MARS, both with cartridge TPC+. Fantastic forks that are stiff, light, plush but can take the big hits nicely. People laugh when I tell them I run a 6 year old fork but if only they knew….

  8. Manitou is top-notch. In quality product and service. As a tech I see and ride more brands and service more suspension than I suspect the average. Manitou are always very helpful when needed AND they offer a great product, albeit w/o much hype at a reasonable price.

  9. I want a stiffer Tower! I love my Tower Pro 120 for XC and trail riding, but I want something burlier for real all-mountain riding. 34 mm stanchions?

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