NS DH Proto Built


NS Bikes, a company with strong roots building slopestyle bikes is developing a new prototype DH rig. Details are scarce but we spy a tapered headtube, ISCG05 Tabs, an integrated seatpost clamp, and a horst link in the rear.

Hop past the break for another view and riding video.




  1. That is a very good looking bike. If it stays true to the other NS products it should be a very durable ride.

    I read on the internet (not always the most reliable source) that the Specialized patient on the Horst Link expired last month, anybody know?

  2. while that is a very very nice looking DH bike and im sure it rides well…i would equate this to the microsoft zune of DH bikes. NS dominates the street/dj market and is trying to enter the DH race market – one that is quite saturated with companies that have several iterations of geometry, suspension, and models

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