Smith Pivlock V2 Impossibly Black with NXT photochromic lensesSmith has introduced two new models and new frame colors with their Ignitor NXT photochromic lenses for the Pivlock V2 series.

Shown above in Impossibly Black is the Pivlock V2, which is now available with both a black and clear NXT photochromic lens, allowing it to automatically adapt to varying light conditions. The two NXT lenses are also available with their mirror blue lens and white frame, and in the larger Pivlock V2 Max.

The new Approach 2 and Approach Max are dual-lens designs that use Smith’s newer two-position adjustable nose piece and their eco-friendly, plant-based Evolve frame material. It’s made of Rilsan Clear, a material sourced from non-GMO, renewable castor plants.

Peep those and some new shades from Spy Optics below…

Smith Pivlock V2 Max mirror blue with NXT photochromic lensesThe Smith Pivlock V2 Max, with blue lens. The NXT lenses are included, too, giving you three sets for $239.

Smith NXT photochromic lenses for cycling sunglasses

The Ignitor NXT is a rose tinted, high contrast lens with 14% to 60% light transmission. The clear NXT has 14% to 78% transmission. Curious how they work in the real world? Read Marc’s reviews here and here.

Smith Approach Max cycling sunglassesThe Approach Max (above) and Approach 2 come in a variety of frame and lens colors and have a “medium” fit and coverage. Each pair includes three lenses and retails for $159.

Smith Approach 2 cycling sunglasses



Spy Daft cycling sunglassesThe new Spy Daft is a full coverage, single lens style that includes the low-light yellow lens, too. We can’t describe it any better than this quote from the PR:

“The name Daft itself draws a connotation of an edgy, punk rock style that is evident in all aspects of the design,” says Jim Miller, SPY Performance sales director. “It looks confident and fast, and it’ll make competitors wet their bib shorts if they stare too long.”

A sleek, simple design with over-the-top styling, the Daft offers uncompromised performance for everything from cycling to running to screeching burnouts in your TransAm. Packed with advanced technologies and rendered in ultra-lightweight materials, the oversized Daft is a futuristic answer to the age-old question, “Seriously?”

Frame is available in black or white and retails for $180.

And speaking of Daft and Punk, their new album, Random Access Memories, finally (!!!) comes out May 21. Check it out here.


  1. FYI regardless of price the SPY lens clarity and definition is amazing. If you think Oakley has the only good glasses out there….I urge you to check out SPY Optic. I paid cash money retail with tax and am completely happy with my choice after trying on the other top brands.

    Trust me I am slow and not sponsored. Just a guy who take a lot of time to make a purchase and hates to get it wrong.

  2. Matt needs a little education on why things cost different amounts. $180 is not anywhere close to high end as a price for optics.

    The spy still use ‘ polycrapinate’ lenses. An Abbé value of 28. The worst of any optical grade lense. The smith nxt is abbé 44 and the gold standard in sports optics currently ( unless you look at Kaenon sr91, abbé 43 with a higher index than nxt).
    But the nxt lens in the smiths have been around a long time and smith is pretty late in the game to nintroduce them. The approach max has the same lens shame look as the Rudy project radon from must be close to 10 years ago.

    Guess if you don’t pay attention you might be happy with it.

  3. The Daft’s lens shape seems ideal. With my favored Radarlock Paths I do think there’s that slight lack of peripheral coverage. Would’ve been no problem if the Range shape existed. There’s that, and the seemingly minimal top makes sense imo but it might just look ugly. Would really have to come down to the finish and fogging to judge that price.

    I findthe Pivlocks tend to fog up annoyingly although the swapping mech is probably the easiest I’ve dealt with.

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