We’ve seen a trials riders kill it on carbon road bikes before but how about a 29er?


  1. Skidding is a terrible trend and very frustrating to all the trail builders that bust their @sses to build and maintain trails only to have some douche sluff off the surfacing. I say leave the skidding to the fixed gears.

  2. @Professor – Thank you for saying it. This guy would get his a** chewed riding like that here in Marin. The backflip was awesome, but the skidding was just pathetic.

  3. A skidding wheel is out of control. It seems to be the aggressive (free ride, dh, insert the term of the day) set that thinks it is somehow cool. “Shredding it” is not supposed to be taken literally, guys, and I do mean guys.

  4. If you are out of control when you skid through a corner then you’re doing it wrong. It’s a technique that is very useful if done properly. Perhaps the haters on here should work on it.

  5. Yo sure, if you know how to skid/scrub well its a great technique but your still an a**hole for destroying the trails. If you love something, don’t ruin it for everyone. Thats about as simple as it gets.

  6. I’m w/ mattyb on this one.

    But first this point: Any form of travel on trails is going to eventually destroy them if they are not maintained. I don’t sharing trails with horses and motos(I prefer moto cut trails; nice pushed up berms) but when I don’t see those users at trail days, ahem(equestrians) it really upsetting to me.

    Yes, skidding is bad form. Riding into a corner too hot and just yarding on the brakes with your wheels dug in is just arsinine! However, a Swiss Flick, where you unweight both wheels as you counter steer before a turn, and then in the turn you make your turn with the front wheel dug in doing the tracking as you ‘flick’ the unweighted arse of the bike around through the turn….is a whole ‘nother story.

    So yes, I think we can all agree skidding is whack but when done properly(so as not to munch the trails) it can be a lot of fun. Case solved. Now we can go back to arguing about wheel size.

  7. @skipdapbaddamarangdoo- Totally agree about the equestrians. They do FAR more damage to the trails out here than anyone else and yet never seem to show up when it’s time to repair or build more trail…..

    regarding the video… I guess when I am so amazing at trials that I need a new challenge, I will buy a 29er from these guys. At least that’s the message I’m getting.

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