Ciamillo Gravitas crankset get Quarq power meters from Irish Cycles

Intrigued by the new Ciamillo Gravitas cranksets but don’t want to give up power measurement?

Irish Cycles
feels your pain and has been working with Ted Ciamillo to develop a version that uses Quarq’s Cinqo or SRAM RED spider to mount a Quarq powermeter to the crankset. Joe at Irish Cycles gave us the rundown:

“The crank is going through final testing and we’re the ones working to develop them with Ted. Initially it’ll be available in BSA in any length a customer desires. The cranks with Praxis chain rings runs complete 684g and will be $899 w/o the power meter if the customer supplies it. With the power meter, it will run about $2,400.”

The Cinqo version is just a first step, and really only for riders that already own that system since it’s out of production. Quarq’s current SRAM-integrated offerings are either RED level or the ELSA, and Irish Cycles has verified compatibility with RED versions. ELSA is still in testing, but they don’t anticipate any issues.

Ciamillo Gravitas crankset get Quarq power meters from Irish Cycles

As for the cranks, Ciamillo’s making them, but Irish Cycles is doing all of the calibration. Quarq’s power meters need to be calibrated to account for the slope of the spider and the crank’s weight and length.

If you buy them through Irish, they’ll come pre-calibrated. Buy the cranks directly from Ciamillo and the standard crankset will be $50 less since you don’t need the spider, but you’ll have to send them to Irish Cycles to have them calibrated. For $50.

One more note on pricing: the $2,400 tag for a crankset with power meter is really the cost of an S975 crankset equipped with the Quarq power meter plus the Gravitas set. They’re working with SRAM to get just the power meter separately, but for now this is the way it has to be. Which is why they’re initially just targeting riders that already own one of the compatible PM cranksets. It shouldn’t be long…

Ciamillo Gravitas crankset get Quarq power meters from Irish Cycles

Testing finishes up by mid-May, at which point they’ll start shipping them. In addition to ELSA compatibility, a BB30 version is coming in early June.

Ciamillo says they’ll looking at the new SRAM cranksets’ BB30 splines and may very well switch their crankset production to match those spline patterns, which will open up more options in the future. Expect quick changes on their end if they do.

Ciamillo Gravitas crankset get Quarq power meters from Irish Cycles


  1. 2400 for a crankset?……. Not singling out this crank….. some of the pricing for cycling components is getting way out of control.

  2. $2400 is not out of the range of prices of crank based power meters. There are SRM models that are much more expensive. Making a power meter is not a trivial process, especially if the desire is to have high repeatability and durability. If it were easy, there’s be many such power meters out there. Certainly prices aren’t out of control because people are buying power meters. SRM doesn’t have any issues selling them. If the buying public thought that the prices were out of line, they wouldn’t buy them. It’s simple economics. Luckily, no one is forced to buy expensive crank based power meters. Heck, you don’t have to buy a power meter at all.

  3. Quarq’s Can be calibrated by anyone with an Iphone and a wahoo ANT+ sensor attached make sure you have a calibrated weight and your good. Just download Quarq’s Calvin app and your good to go.

  4. What a joke. 400$ extra over the Riken for 50G saving… with praxix rings. This weight & cost saving could be done easily with the regular QUARQ. And if you want a light one, get the BB30 version at least! The cinqo is obsolete anyway

    however, it looks nice.

  5. The cranks are nice. I have demoe’d an Irish with them, and they are just as stiff as the Dura Ace 9000. I think the power meter part of it is up for argument, with Quarq and SRM being around the same cost.

  6. Don’t tell me my Cinqo is obsolete. That makes me want to buy a new one, which in turn makes my wife angry at you Zambony. My blood is on your hands! Kidding aside, for skeptics I have owned a Powertap, SRM, and Quarq (current). The Quarq is hands-down the best imho. SRM has awful customer service and the Powertap limits you to a wheelset (although you could get a new one built to race wheels and an old built to training for about the same price). Regardless, I like this crank simply because it looks neat. That’s not reason enough for me to drop the cash unfortunately.

  7. Interesting crank for sure and mating them with a power meter makes it more interesting. Not sure I would personally go this direction for my next power meter choice without further testing however. It’s not so much the 2500 with the PM. I just choose not to spend that kinda coin to be a guinea pig. SRM has been in the game longer than any power meter on the market and I have had quite the opposite customer service as dartingd.

  8. Calibrated crank prices are really rocketting high. Definitely because many cyclers are way too fanatic on changing their cranks every now and then. Their prices are unreasonably very high indeed!

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