Fizik M1 and M5 mountain bike and cyclocross shoes

Fizik has added mountain bike shoes to their lineup, offering two models, one with a women’s version.

The M1 (all black) has replaceable clear section treads and heel treads. Treads run all the way through the midsole for better total traction, particularly over wet roots. There are creases behind the toe spokes for slightly easier hiking. It’s still a pretty stiff carbon sole, but also pretty thin, which is why the tread plate covers the sole at the cleat mount.

Upper is a mix of mesh, kangaroo leather and sail cloth straps with their dual release plastic buckle. The toes are covered in an abrasion resistant rubber, similar to rock climbing shoes. Retail is $375.

The M5 is the “lower” level shoe shown on the left, and the M1 is their top of the line off road kick. While we all love high end stuff, the M5 is arguably the more interesting model…

Fizik M5 mountain bike and cyclocross shoes

The M5 looks to double as a good cyclocross show with a more flexible sole, the same rubber toe cover and a price that’s more privateer friendly. It keeps the full length tread and gets a nylon outsole with more pronounced creases for better walkability. It switches to the single-release alloy buckle.

Fizik M1 and M5 mountain bike and cyclocross shoes

The M5’s retail is $200, and there’s a women’s version (silver), too.

Fizik Team Edition Arione R3 road bike saddles

The Fizik Arione R3 gets updated team color editions, all including either white or black handlebar tape. Teams represented are: Cannondale Pro Cycling, BMC Racing Team, Sky Pro Cycling, Garmin-Sharp, Blanco Pro Cycling Team, Pro Team Astana, AG2R La Mondiale, Team Androni Giocattoli, Francaise Des Jeux.

Fizik Team Edition Arione R3 road bike saddles

The uppers are Microtex with bonded panels so there are no seams between color transitions. Shell is a fiberglass thermoplastic composite with WingFlex panels. Claimed weight is 185g. Retail is $239 and they should be available at retail mid-May.


  1. I won’t be buying any if Fizik’s shoes until they stop using Kangroo hide. There are plenty of responsibly sourced materials that can be used for the uppers that provide the same suppleness and breathability. Leve the roos alone, Fizik.

  2. Yeah Kangaroo are basically as common as cattle down there, it’s sustainable to use their leather, and they’re not running out of Kangaroos anytime soon.

    If by ‘responsibly sourced’ you mean harvested from less cute animals, maybe you’ve got something there, but there’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 million of the critters in OZ and kangaroo leather isn’t exactly a commonly used material.

  3. Kangaroo hide! what could be better then wearing the hide of an animal that lives in the bush when riding in the bush.
    It’s very sustainable. Think of all that roadkill going to waste on Australian roads and don’t get me started on the health properties of the meat.

  4. Any word on a WIDE width?? We sell TONS of wide shoes from Sidi and Giro in our shop. Seems that feet in the USA are fat compared to those in Italy?

  5. I have some R3 SL’s in 41, coming from size 43 Lake (but too big). The width is pretty darn narrow, I expect the same of the MTB shoes if the road shoes compare at all. Similar to standard width Italian shoes. Very small overall, very compact. But I love them.

  6. My previous comment was simply an opinion, not a means of trolling for anti-carnivore/vegan retorts. I understand that roos are in no way an endangered species and that their hide may be an ‘under-used’ resource, and some may enjoy eating them. I just personally don’t want to buy shoes-made-of-roos. Nor do I fancy eating one, for many reasons.
    Comment sections are for opinions, right? Just checking.

  7. BigDirty, when you choose phases like “responsibly sourced material” you are stating that their chosen material is irresponsibly sourced.

    Your opinions and preferences are as valid as any, but don’t pretend to be surprised that that statement got challenged.

  8. Kark, I was not implying that the Kanagroo hide was irresponsibly sourced, I was saying that there are responsibly sourced alternatives to using roo hide.
    And I’m ‘effing shocked that anyone dare challenge my superior opinions on any internet forum.

  9. Don’t worry about the kangaroo leather thing, i ‘m from Australia and i can tell you using their skin is sustainable and provides a job for shooters in the outback where there are not many jobs, the shooters are proffessionals and they are in plague numbers – i hear these are pretty comfy shoes this is why i am gonna buy them, aboriginal people in the old days used to sleep on their skins for comfort and warmth, this is what made me interested in them for the comfort and toughness factor..

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