SOC13: Onza Tires Making a US Comeback, Embracing 27.5 SOC13: Onza Tires Making a US Comeback, Embracing 27.5

Onza as a brand has had quite the history for mountain biking in the US with a list of products that were both loved and loathed. Eventually the brand left the US and disappeared from the radar. The new owners sought out the rights to Onza, and after settling naming rights with Onza Bikes who now sellTrials frames in the UK, found the actual factory from the original company right down to the molds for the Porcupine tire. Reincarnated Onza has been working on their reintroduction to the US now for a few years, and are focusing exclusively on tires.

Last year, Onza made a splash with their natural colored sidewalls. This year it is the push for 650b, like nearly every other tire manufacturer at Sea Otter. Onza hopes to have an entire line of mid sized tires by Eurobike of this year, with options like this Ibex 27.5×2.4 leading the way. Offered in 60 and 120 tpi options, the tire is tubeless ready and has an aggressive block tread pattern with center ramping for better rolling resistance. Currently, Onza tires are distributed through Gretna bikes who are also the distributor for Lupine lights here in the US.


  1. i’ve used the 26″ ibex FR in 120tpi exclusively for the last year in the UK, it is by far and away the single best tyre i have ever used from any manufaturer, ever.

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