2014 Specialized Rumor womens 29er full suspension mountain bike

Specialized has been creating dedicated women’s bikes for some time, but their mountain bike lineup has been missing a full suspension 29er model. Now the ladies have a big wheeled version of the Safire.

The new Rumor is a complete redesign based on modern “trail” bike characteristics, except made specifically for women. Everything from the frame shape and size to the suspension kinematics are all dialed just for the female form. Most of Specialized’s women’s product managers are around five feet tall, and (trust me) they’re a very passionate bunch of cyclists. So, this new bike was made for them and likely fills a void they’ve all been pretty sore about.

The basics: New hydroformed M5 alloy frame with 110mm rear travel, two build options and all women’s specific BG cockpit parts. Spec is good on both, including Fox CTD suspension (on the Expert), 142×12 rear axle, direct-mount clutch rear derailleurs, bash rings and other modern touches you’d expect from a good bike.

Video and more below…

2014 Specialized Rumor Expert womens 29er full suspension mountain bike
2014 Specialized Rumor Expert

The Rumor Expert comes in at $4,200 and gets Fox CTD fork and shock, both set up for 110mm travel, Roval Control wheels, Formula T1 brakes and SRAM X7/X9/X0 drivetrain with custom carbon cranks. Cockpit is full Specialized, including a Command Post Blacklite dropper post. No fooling around here, this is a trail ready rig.

2014 Specialized Rumor Comp womens 29er full suspension mountain bike
2014 Specialized Rumor Comp

The Rumor Comp drops down to $2,900 for the same frame spec’d with Rockshox Monarch RL/Reba RL suspension (also at 110mm), Avid Elixir 5 brakes and a SRAM X7/X9 drivetrain mix.

2014 Specialized Rumor womens 29er full suspension mountain bike

The suspension is similar to the rest of their line, shown overlaid with a Camber (red) on the right. Chainstay length is a reasonable 449.5mm (17.7″), which should provide a good balance of nimble handling and stability. Standover height ranges from 707.3mm (27.84″) to 711mm (28″) depending on size – S, M and L are available.


  1. Rumor ? Lousy name. I thought the title was referring to a not confirmed rumor of a women bike from Specialized rather that the Rumor bike istelf. They should have called it Gossip,still a feminine concept after all.

  2. This is awesome. My wife is 5’2″ and this frame looks like it’s meant for her. Impressive they way they’ve made a FS 29er for shorter people.

  3. The is no reason to shove 29″ inch in a small frame when you can get lighter, stronger, plusher 650b wheeled bike that fits and rides much, much better.

    Specialized missed the bus.

  4. It may be only me but I am convinced that 29ers makes no sense at all for people shorter that 5’8″. But of course, Specialized will spend all the money of the world convincing us that 29ers are the best thing ever, that they are great for shorter people, and that they make great trail bikes and 150mm Enduro bikes too… Marketing, that’s what they are the best at.

    I am 5’10 guy with a pretty strong set of legs and I’ve had the chance to test plenty of 29ers from different builders… They are my weapon of choice for XCR or Marathon events -as long as the course does not include too long steep climbs or too many twisty technical sections-, for everything else I’ve found 26″ and 27.5″ to be much more efficient, less hard on the body and more fun to ride.

    Actually, I’ll probably replace my current 29er (XC) and 26″ (AM) bikes with a couple ‘tweeners next year. I do like their “best-of-the-two-worlds” feel.

  5. Since one year there are only 29ers in my stable. It is funny how quick I caught the new proportions… now 26″ bikes look “wrong” to me 🙂 Even the size small Rumor shown on another site looks good.

    Surely there are riding styles 26/650b suit better… not for me though.

  6. Well… like clothes the wheel size can work with a person and not work with other… i’m 5,45 ft tall and i loved the 29r and i still love the 26… Haters gonna hate anything but, don’t say that is not a good thing without try out or because “you” don’t like

  7. @Solo: Not, not only you. Hardtails maybe, full suspension, no sense. Smaller wheels still work just fine. Lighter, stiffer, more maneuverable.
    Love large wheels on hardtails, but recently took out my old light 26er HT, damn it is fun.

  8. I love when people talk about 650b being “the best of both worlds.” No, it’s a compromise of the two worlds.

    And why do people freak out about a company introducing a bike that they personally don’t have an interest in? What’s wrong with choices and options? Don’t like 29ers? Great, don’t buy one!

  9. @Solo: “It may be only me but I am convinced that 29ers makes no sense at all for people shorter that 5’8?.”

    Announcement: @Solo will perform all test riding from here on out. Do not go to a bike shop yourself. Instead, have Solo ride the bike for you then he will let you know whether you should ride/buy it or not.

    At 5’8″, his body, frame, riding style, and taste speaks for everyone. REPEAT: Do not test ride yourself to figure out whether this bike is a fit for you or not. And evidently. @Solo can also morph into a female form, so ladies, you should also request that @Solo test rides for you.

  10. @Supergambler – Fun fact: Trek’s women-specific full suspension trail bike the LUSH, was originally called the RUMOR but Specialized had been sitting on the trademark and forced a name change. This is odd to me as neither seems like a particularly catchy name. They must be subscribing to the same marketing research. That being said, Specialized does have a history of giving the equivalent women’s model a moniker that echoes that of the corresponding main line model. (Roubaix/Ruby, Epic/Era, Stumpjumper/Safire, and in this case: Camber/Rumor) There are outliers (like Tarmac/Amira), but that’s the gist.

  11. If you havent had any specific period of time on a big brand 29 I would recommend ZERO input of opinion. I have ridden a 29 for the past 3 years and as far as wheel size goes it doesnt seem that it could be much better. 29s are fast, stable, and plenty nimble. Im tired of the lame ass if your under this size you cant ride a 29 arguments. I have set kids under 4’8″ who competively xc race that could drop plenty. Have you ridden a Specialized Epic? SJ FSR ? CAMBER? HT 29? Honestly your completely retarded if you think there is some strange smaller wheel thats going to make you faster. POINT OF ATTACK. 29 rolls over objects better, rolling over objects better is more comfortable, being more comfortable is faster, PERIOD. Funny a few I know who have 650b that race in Texas have said they will be using a 29 next season. Marketing made my 29 roll over that rock garden better.

  12. Ask Aaron Gwin how he feels about 29ers. He won the Sea Otter DH aboard the new Enduro 29er. Not saying that 29er is the best, but for those that like it, it makes sense.

  13. Solo: It’s not only you. Lot of bike shops also repeat this mantra. Maybe because they don’t have experience and/or relevant stock? But in the real world, my gf is 160 cm (about 5’3 in other units) and loves her Niner EMD. Why shouldn’t she? Same goes for a friend of hers who has Spec Fate and is as short as my gf.

  14. It’s funny how hostile some people get when it comes to discussing wheel sizes… Relax, its only a sport, not the fate of the planet what we are talking about!

    Peace out!

  15. “As something we think we’ll see more of in the future, the Extra Small and Small sizes of the ARC carbon will be offered in 27.5? wheels instead of the bigger 29er, Between the bigger wheels being more cumbersome for smaller riders, issues like toe over lap and head angle/fork offset to prevent toe over lap become a huge factor when designing a bike with bigger wheels for smaller people. It’s not like this is a new concept in the industry though, as road bike manufacturers have been offering smaller road bikes in 650c sizes instead of 700c for the same reasons”
    Take from Bikerumor’s report on the new Yeti ARCc:

  16. I’m going to crowdsource a company that makes custom wheel sizes and matching tires in 2mm BSD increments, using the rider’s height, weight, inseam, riding style, and home terrain, among other factors, to determine the ideal size.
    I’ll just cut down 29 rims/tires and then weld/glue them back together as necessary, or maybe bend straight rim extrusions, or…Idaknow look for the kickstarter campaign launch video soon

  17. @Matt: Specialized is so far behind the bus this time, it is not even on the horizon.

    Every since they stole their first MTB design they are behind the bus.

  18. You guys arguing about the point of a small 29er are missing the point that small customers are showing up to bike shops looking for small 29ers. Any bike company not making one is leaving money on the table. Criticizing Specialized for making a bike that customers are clamoring for is why us schmucks use our lunch breaks to argue about bike sizing, while Mike Sinyard lives in a palace on a mountain in Santa Cruz.

  19. Solo: Envy is the only sin that gives no pleasure. The big S will sell a bunch of these. Not to me, but to many. Nice bike.

  20. I am actually a 5ft 3 female – I have tried several 29ers and 26ers on demo days. 5ft10 men with nothing positive to say should maybe butt out? It is difficult enough to find a bike shop who stocks anything worthwhile for women. Not sure if you are trying to insinuate that women are not strong enough (with your comment about your macho strong legs :-)) but us women have those too.

    I am sick of going to bike shops where 5ft 10 men stock nothing for women and nothing for shorter riders, and have no idea about the need for stand-over and the right top tube length, shorter cranks etc. (this is not all bike shops of course – but many). I am sick of being offered rubbish cheap heavy bikes. I have a theory that this is why women give up -forced to trail behind on a couple of hundred quids worth of tank whilst the man has spent a family fortune of the best rig. So: bike shops – don’t listen to 5ft 10 man give us shorties some choice!

    And all power to Spec for putting out the Rumor – can’t wait to try it – that is if they bother to put one on a demo fleet – are you listening guys! If you wonder why they haven’t sold at the end of the year – at that price us women want to try before we buy.

    I am completely sold on 29ers – geometry can get round toe problems so if you are not short perhaps you should leave the reviews to us shorties. Yes of course 26 can be nippy and exiting, but for all day rides give me the benefit of the rolling 29er, and my nice small bike with the short wheelbase makes this also quite manoeverable! So there is a positive of being short!

  21. I tried the Rumor last night on a demo ride and it was great went back and forth between that and the new safire and the rumor was hands down a better bike I really enjoyed it. It pedaled way nice and road over objects better and even managed to climb a few hills better. This was extra easy to tell as I have had a very large volume training week and my legs were sore and tired so I was really able to tell the difference between the 2 bikes . I will definitely consider the Rumor once it comes out in a Carbon frame so hopefully it does in the next couple of years as I will be more than ready for a new bike. I currently ride a Giant Anthem WX as my main bike and then have a Safire Comp as my other bike. 🙂

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