It’s one of our biggest fears. You walk outside and your bike is gone. What to do?

In the case of one Reddit commenter, all it took was waiting three days and the bike mysteriously appeared back in their yard, with a note. And a coupon for a free Lava Crunch Cake with pizza purchase from Dominoes. Seriously.

It gets better – jump past the break to read the note left on the bike.

While we certainly do not approve of getting “straight white girl wasted” and stealing a bike, if it happens the least you can do is return it to the rightful owner with a funny note. Also, a coupon for a novelty crunch cake never hurts.

We’re just happy Seenic got their Trek 7.1FX back. Perhaps this should be posted on the review page of the 7.1FX due to the “lusciously smooth ride,” from what they remember.


  1. If the grammar and spelling of the note is an indication of the quality of students graduating university, the world is doomed…..hahaha….peace out!

  2. @smoothP
    Youre awfully down on dominos. Is that screen name a cover for Papa John? If so, your pizza is better anyway. (I’m totally just saying this bc our old college team was sponsored by the Papa!)

  3. Obviously it’s great that the bike was returned…but am I the only one that would still be pissed? What if this theft prevented the owner from getting to work? If it were me, I’d be out looking, scouring craigslist, thinking about a new form of transportation…Is a nice note and a free cake really worth it?

  4. No, Kurti_sc. It’s a cover for a guy who likes good pizza. Sorry, Papa John’s doesn’t make the cut either. Nice of them to sponsor your team, though!

  5. I agree with SmooveP – plus the bonus of the EXPIRED COUPON turns the screws a little tighter. I would like to see the note describe a thorough critique on how the ride could be improved with small adjustments and new parts, handlebar tape, tires, water bottles (what WAS in that bottle anyway?), etc. The note should include numbers of curbs jumped, pedestrians knocked down, near-death maneuvers and distance covered.

What do you think?