Watching these Dutch commuters power through Hurricane force winds makes me feel like a gigantic wimp. I’ve bailed on rides for far less than the raging winds depicted in the video!


  1. Hey, that’s my town. This is some 2 km from my house. These strong winds are only on one particular spot, where a large building increases the air velocity.

    I did ride that day from work to home in my velomobile. Needed quite a lot of force on the steering sticks to keep track and to avoid other cyclists who couldn’t keep their lane. Still a great day for cycling.

  2. so separated bike infra also enables cycling in storms & enhances cycle safety. Imagine doing that ‘sharing the road’.

    By the way, in NL we don’t label them ‘commuters’, people cycle for all kinds of purposes. In this case: students on their way to math class at the Tech University of Delft.

  3. 23km single trip. All year long, every (working)day… Had every type of weather. Doing it for 12 years now… Wouldn’t wanna miss it… 😉

    Barry (the NL’s)

  4. With a chronic lack of mountains, we have to make due with the wind.
    (Although wind in the back is not as satisfying as a long decent…)

  5. @dj_pal: Nobody in the Netherlands wears a helmet while commuting. Some roadies do when riding in the pack, but when they ride to the shop in casual clothes, they don’t even think of putting a helmet on. We simply don’t need it, we don’t want it and we will never do it. The helmet industry tries to get us scared of cycling, but we don’t give a damn. We just ride.

  6. It is perfectly OK to not wear a helmet when commuting on a bike path. Relative danger compared to a spirited road race or mountain bike ride is negligible.

    Stupid is doing BMX tricks without a helmet. Commuting to work is healthy.

  7. I think we would all be wearing helmets while walking if we were even remotely objective about the efficacy of helmets and how necessary they seem to be.

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