Barfly Optrix iPhone case with handlebar mount

Barfly is on a roll. Having just introduced their new two-position model for Garmin GPS cycling computers, they showed off handlebar mounts to work with any brand/model and options for Optrix’s iPhone mount.

Two different Optrix mounts will let you run it horizontally or vertically, giving you a portrait or landscape view your saddle’s perch. When viewing it horizontally (on the left, bottom), it sits lower in front of the stem and lets you swivel it up to record video. They’ll offer bundles with the Optrix case as well as on it’s own.

They also have new dedicated mounts for the CycleOps Joule and the upcoming Soleus GPS, plus a universal model that’ll push any existing handlebar mount cycling computer out in front of the stem. Click past the break for pics of those and more…

Barfly handlebar mount for Optrix iPhone case

Barfly cycling computer handlebar mounts for CycleOps Joule - Soleus GPS - and universal adapter

The universal mount will be black, this one was a 3D printed rapid prototype. Below the mounts is a water bottle boss mount CO2 cartridge holder, which works like this:

Barfly CO2 cartridge mount for water bottle bosses

All items should be coming soon, prices TBD but expect the computer mounts to be priced in line with current offerings.


  1. I love my barfly for my garmin. These new ones seem to have lost alot of the simplicity and subtleness that made the earlier models great. I know they are designed for different purposes but I just expected a little more from the boys at Tate

  2. I had a chance to see these new iPhone and co2 mounts at Sea Otter and they looked pretty cool. I haven’t liked many of the iPhone mounts I have seen but these seemed well thought out. Exited for the final version.

  3. I personally know two people who have dropped Garmins off of their bikes because they used a K Edge.

    The first Garmin Barfly was awesome, and the new one looks even more streamlined. I look forward to trying it…

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