The Doppleganger LED Turn Signal accessory easily attaches to your favorite pair of cycling gloves using a strip of velcro. A small thumb accessible button allows the light to switch between three different modes – steady/random (?)/ and flashing.

The watch battery is user replaceable and provides up to 120 hours of light in the flashing mode.

The set will set you back $42. Available here.


  1. The Japanese manufacturers have far more faith in the car-driving public to take notice of this gadget and whether it may show rider intent.

  2. Most drivers in America barely have the courtesy to use the turn signal in their car. Why would it be any different on a bicycle?

  3. This is certainly not a new idea. A family friend was producing and selling gloves that incorporated all these ideas back in the late 90’s here in the UK. They never took the market by storm but I know he still holds the UK patents.

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