During the past few months, the factory GT sponsored Atherton Racing team has been spotted on new aluminum prototype sleds. The GT reps let us take a few pictures from afar but pleaded the 5th when we tried to probe further.

Hop past the break and leave your speculation in the comments….

The new bike roughly preserves the shape of the existing Fury but the pivot locations have been shifted. It was hard to tell much from a distance but it looks as if the company will be soon rolling out a redesigned version of their existing I-drive suspension platform.

What we did spy on Gee Atherton’s bike is an unlabeled SRM hidden behind a Saint chain guide.



  1. About time GT ditches that uglya** Fury frame. The proto is better but not great and lm more surprised that we dont see more power sensors on dh rigs

  2. I train with a power meter on road, but I have no idea how I’d use it on a DH bike. It’s not as though pedaling is even an option in many sections. I’m sure he has a good use for it, or it wouldn’t be there (extra weight).

  3. its not odd when you only ride with one specific foot forward. these style bashguards are very common for trials and DH to save weight

  4. Looks like the old Norco A-Line.

    WTF is this power meter BS?! DH pedaling is either balls out or coasting…But then again, I don’t win races.

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