Transition ANVL Arc 50 stem and Mandrel handlebar

ANVL is a new component line from some of the folks at Transition Bikes, and it’s aimed at the Trail/Enduro/Downhill mountain bike rider. While Transition’s Kevin and Darrin said we didn’t need to mention the new line is from the bike brand, we thought it worth mentioning to put it’s origins into perspective. They want it very clear, though, that this is a standalone brand completely separate from the bikes.

The first batch of goods includes all of the touch points -bar, stem, grips, saddle & pedals- plus complete wheelsets in all three popular sizes. The pieces are designed to be lightweight without compromising strength or looks…and they do look good!

Above is the Arc stem and Mandrel handlebar. The Arc stems will come in 50mm and 60mm, only for 35mm diameter handlebars. Like the name implies, the design arcs out with quasi-hidden bolts. The Mandrel handlebar is 800mm wide and can be cut down to 740. It’ll come in two rises, 20mm and 35mm, both with 6° upsweep and 7° back sweep.

Transition ANVL Arc 50 stem and Mandrel handlebar

The stem’s bar clamp zone is angled, putting good support under the handlebar. The lower bolts feed in from the back, so the front of the stem is mighty clean.

Transition ANVL Arc DM direct mount DH stem

The Arc DM is a CNC’d 7075 direct mount variation with two position mounting holes to make a 45mm or 50mm length and they’ll come with 2.5mm and 5mm spacers to set the cockpit height. 110g.

Transition ANVL Scale wheels in 26 650B and 29er

Scale Wheels will come in all three wheel sizes and use their own rim extrusion that’s 24mm wide internally. Weights are about 1620g (26″), 1675g (27.5″) and 1775g (29er).

Transition ANVL Scale wheels in 26 650B and 29er

The hubs use their own shell design built with Novatec’s Synergy internals with two-stage 6-pawl 42t oversized ratchet mech with 4° engagement. They’re swappable between 9/15/20 front and 135/142 axles, so they’re compatible with most bikes on the market.

Transition ANVL Scale flat pedals

Pedals have a chromoly spindle rolling on a DU bushing on the inside with three cartridge bearings on the outside of the 5-axis CNC’d alloy platform. The shape is arc’d and 14mm thick. Weight is 375g per pair.

Transition ANVL lock on grips

Two different grips will come out, both with single end lock rings. The Rasp (bottom, 78g) has a logo pattern and are as thin and grippy as they could make it. The Punch has an added padding section for the front bottom to hook into your fingers for better grip in the park.

Transition ANVL Forge saddle with carbon titanium or chromoly rails

The Forge saddles are their own shape and come in carbon rail (158g), ti (195g) and chromoly (250g). They’re really thin with a good bit of shell flex to make them comfortable. Tail/side panels are full Kevlar.

All of the bits will come in blue, black or red. Pricing isn’t set yet, but “should be competitive” and they should be available this summer “as they’re ready.” Meaning some parts will be available before others.


  1. This isn’t just one, or two of the guys at Transition. It’s all of them… Just like their road bike brand, Traitor Cycles.

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