• The Last Kilometer is now available on DVD. This cycling documentary follows cyclists Ignazio Moser and Davide Rebellin for a full year of training and racing, with commentary by Gianni Mura, journalist and long-time correspondent for the Tour de France. It’s “a worth having movie about cycling,” or maybe… a cycling movie worth seeing.
  • The Friendship Circle of Michigan has announced the start of The Great Bike Giveaway. Enter to win an adaptive bike for a child with special needs, or donate so more bikes can be given away.
  • Cyclist Patrick Sluyter is still in need of funds to attend the 2013 Deaflympics. Donate here.
  • Under Armor has announced a contest to select two students as the Under Armor Ultimate Intern Team.
  • The TD Five Boro Bike Tour is coming up on May 5th. While you’re in town for that check out Bike Expo NY, a free bike expo with over 100 exhibitors on May 3rd and 4th.
  • Moots has announced their first boutique store at The Shop at Pedalers Fork in Calabasas, CA. The shop is attached to a farm-to-table restaurant, and 10-Speed Coffee Cafe.
  • Audrey McElmury has died. She was the first American to win the world road cycling championship. She won in Brno, Czechoslovakia in 1969, having fallen in the rain twice yet she remounted and won!
  • Michael Cottle is riding The Great Alleghany Passage to raise money for a cycling charity in honor of BMX rider Rickey Bates. Click here to follow Michael’s trip and to donate to his cause.
  • Swichio has announced the launch of a website for athletes to buy, sell and trade athletic gear. Their focus is triathlon and cycling, with plans to expand to other sports.

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