Chris King’s return to Sea Otter after a 10 year hiatus didn’t bring any new product introductions, just good news for anyone waiting for their Oregon-made bottom brackets. The CK Pressfit 30 bottom brackets should start shipping in the next couple weeks. The hold up was getting all of the fit kits for various cranksets.

Adapters are made of Acetal, and will fit any 24mm (Shimano, FSA, etc), 24/22mm (SRAM GXP) and of course Pressfit 30. No Campy option. Retail is $145 to $155 for the Pressfit 24 and $165 for PF30 with adapter kits running $19-$29. Ceramic bearings will be $70 more. We’ve been riding one on the Argonaut with Shimano Dura-Ace and it’s very nice.

For the colors, the brown that was introduced about five years ago will be phased out at the end of May, leaving them with nine permanent colors. In its place will be a rotating selection of limited editions, like purple or turquoise, and those will roll in and out periodically, perhaps twice per year but there’s really no set schedule.

Cannondale fans rejoice! They’re developing a Lefty conversion kit for their oversized front mountain bike hub. It’ll use the existing non-drive clamp fitting but new axle parts. We were originally told this could be offered later in the year if they stay on target, but were just informed it’s a project that’s being explored with Cannondale and that there’s no set date.


  1. I just picked up a standard King BB in brown, and this one is more of a brighter bronze color. It’s exactly what I was looking for, and honestly it’s my favorite King color. Sorry to see it go.

  2. as to the end of article: i am glad King takes longer to develop and release their products, because you know they will be dialed. otherwise the comments related to King products -would be a bunch of complaining and product bashing like on other bike rumor postings.

  3. Give it up on the XD Driver. None of their bearings will fit the freehub size and a correct size bearing would mean retooling the machines. As Kings makes all bearings in house, retooling would be a major expense for a part that will not be purchased frequently enough to offset that major expense. Just do what I did and re-lace your hubs with an Industry Nine.

  4. Pete, they could get I9 hubs but then they wouldn’t have very nice hubs. You see where I’m going with this? I rate Kings about 100 times better than I9s.


    Body: “The CK Pressfit 30 bottom brackets should start shipping in the next couple weeks”

    Huh? “Finally shipping” clearly means something different to you than it does to me.

  6. XD driver won’t be happening until there is a complete redesign of their hub/bearing setup. With the pace at which King moves, forget it for the 2013, 2014, 2015, and maybe 2016 riding seasons.

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