StagesPower Launches App, Firmwear Update for First Power Meters StagesPower Launches App, Firmwear Update for First Power Meters

To go along with their crank based power meters, Stages new iPhone app is now available in the app store for free. The app will not only allow for firm wear updates on early Stages power meters, but it will allow for users to quickly zero reset any meter directly from an ios device. Also, if there are ever firm wear updates again future users will be able to update their meters as well.

The app is not meant to be a data capture device, but rather more of a trouble shooting tool that will display read-only power and cadence numbers for trouble shooting directly from an iPhone 4s, 5, or third gen iPad.

Depending on the firmware version currently running on a meter, riders will see the following improvements:

  • ANT+ communication; elimination of ANT+ communication resets and drops, which were identified in firmware package 2.0.1
  • Speed of power reading acquisition between meter and head unit; improved from ~6 seconds to ~3sec

The StagesPower utility App requires an iPhone 4s or newer, or third generation iPad with Bluetooth 4.0 in order to connect via Bluetooth. The App can also be run on older iOS devices using an ANT+ signal generated via Wahoo Fitness’ ANT Key. The App requires 6.1MB of free space and the iOS 5.1, or newer, operating system


  1. I have been on their power meter for about 2 months now and totally happy with it. I stopped by their office one day and had them do the firmware update with the app before it was released. It was pretty slcik, fast, and easy to use.

  2. Alright hardware/app devs listen up. Take a look at marketshare over the past oh, two years. 2012 Android 68%. iOS 19%. Numbers stay the same projected out to 2016. Get. On. The. Bus.

  3. **I’m sure the people that continually point out typos on this website are the same people that confuse “their”, “they’re”, and “there” themselves. It’s getting pretty old guys, just saying….

  4. spokejunky – as a developer, let me tell you that creating an app for iOS is far easier than creating one for Android. This is because Apple has strict control over the device’s components – processor, RAM, screen size, interface, etc,…

    Android is nice being open source, but that creates challenges for developers. You need to account for a Nokia that has a flip-open keyboard, Samsungs with a great processing abilities along with those that have poor processing capabilities. Some carriers limit OS upgrades on certain phones (to force you to upgrade!). It’s tough to make an app that works well on all or most Android devices. You get panned if you create one that works great on a Galaxy 3, but terribly on most other devices, so most choose to just create one for iOS.

  5. @reynard: I completely understand the complexities of version creep as well as hardware controls; however, when you alienate an audience of well over %60 then in this case you are ignoring %300 of business prospects that could earn you money. Given that case if you concentrate your resources only on say Samsung and HTC products, then you are comfortably marketing to one ROM version/rev and still coming out ahead of iOS.

  6. @spokejunky, concentrating on an android brand will do no good because within that brand(and droid as a whole), you’ll have 6 different OS’ running thus the difficulty on making one app that works for all. Droid users are known for not always upgrading the the newsest OS available for them where as 97% of iPhone users will move to the newer iOS.

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