Brooks to Launch Non Leather Saddle - the Cambium, Wants You to Test It

Brooks, the legendary English saddle company world famous for their distinct leather saddles with copper rivets, is looking to deviate from tradition a bit with their newest saddle. Named the Cambium, the non-leather saddle still bears Brooks trademarks like the rivets holding it together, though  the material is what sets it apart.

In order to launch the Cambium, Brooks is looking for 100 different cyclists to spend some time on the new saddle and provide feedback to the Cambium site.

Details after the break.

Brooks to Launch Non Leather Saddle - the Cambium, Wants You to Test It

In lieu of leather, the Cambium will be crafted from flexible natural rubber with an organic cotton top that will feature a thin layer of structural textile for increased longevity. To keep the water off, the top will be vulcanized resulting in a waterproof saddle that is instantly broken in – no need for proofide and a lot of miles. Brooks claims the Cambium will be maintenance free, and abrasion resistant which will result in Brooks’ famed longevity.

Brooks to Launch Non Leather Saddle - the Cambium, Wants You to Test It

Leading up to the release of the saddle on June 17, Brooks is looking for 100 diverse cyclists world wide to be the first testers of the Cambium. Riders will be asked to ride the saddle for a few months and share their feedback on the Cambium web site. Out of the 100 individuals, there will be a mix of men, women, with different body types, ages, rider types etc. As far as their experience with Brooks saddles are concerned:

  • 33 will be long-time users of Brooks Leather Saddles
  • 33 will be cyclists who have used both Brooks Leather Saddles and other saddles
  • 34 will be cyclists who have never used a Brooks Leather Saddle

Brooks to Launch Non Leather Saddle - the Cambium, Wants You to Test It

Want to throw your hat in the ring for testing? You can register here, before May 17th. Even if you aren’t chosen to test out the Cambium, anyone who registered will receive a %10 discount to the Brooks online shop.


  1. I wonder how well the fabric will hold up to daily use. I have a saddle covered in aramid weave (e.g. Kevlar), which was popular in the 90s. It was very resistant to wear, but the rough texture eats up the seats of trousers like nobody’s business.

  2. Yep, that fabric top is for sure a mistake. Perhaps OK, if you are wearing plastic trousers, but otherwise going to tear up your clothes.

  3. That was my problem with that Tioga Spider saddle – made of holes in plastic. It chewed my expensive bike shorts.

    I can see the appeal on a slammed down gravity seat, but this ain’t one.

  4. I’m glad to see a premium saddle option that doesn’t come from an animal.
    Although commenters above may be right about the texture of the fabric eating one’s trousers, something I’ll have to see in person.

  5. Brooks saddles are sooooooooooooo overrated. Might as well join a Fred forum and preach about how good Brooks saddles are, even though they aren’t.

  6. I know a lot of people who have put in BUCKETS of miles on a Brooks. Me? I just can’t get past the weight. Speaking of which…. did I miss the weight on this one?

  7. Wow, well if any of you haters are selected to test one (and I’m betting many moaning on here likely did), send it on to me then.

  8. I’ve be a very long term Brooks fan. I love their leather saddles. However I agree with many of the comments here that that cloth texture will wear out cycling shorts very quickly. Maybe they have come out with it in conjunction with bike short manufacturers to boost sales of shorts? Anyway how could any saddle be truly a Brooks with out leather. It makes no sense. What is it they are trying to accomplish?

  9. Does the “vulcanized” surface possibly help with the mentioned wear and tear on garmets? I would imagine it would at least cut back on friction a bit…

  10. It’s ironic that they called it the Cambium, which is a layer of a plant, but this has no plant material that I can tell. I was one of the fortunate 34 (that has never owned a Brooks) to be chosen. I anxiously await my saddle, but am concerned about the abrasion to clothing.

  11. Seriously MS? No plant material huh?

    The rubber is natural and comes from a rubber tree—and the top is a woven organic cotton—which comes from a cotton plant!

    Being a hater is one thing, being entirely ignorant is just annoying.

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