Bar Bumps bicycle road drop handlebar ergonomic grip shape additions

BarBumps is a simple new product that lets you add hand support where you want, making your road drop handlebars more comfortable.

Shown above under the tape, small “bumps” fit against round bars to create larger perches for your mitts. They’re grooved underneath to fit over cable housing, and work on both the straight sections and the outer curve of the bend. They zip tie to the bar and have small recesses to hide the zip tie knuckle. The Kickstarter project is from designer and cyclist Shawn Littrell, whose goal is to keep all production, packaging and everything else local to Grand Rapids, Michigan. As little as $20 gets you a two-pack, but early backers can get a four-pack for just $5 more.

Video and more pics below…

Bar Bumps bicycle road drop handlebar ergonomic grip shape additions


  1. He’s limiting himself by just doing the bump shape. If he did a long ridge shape To reach across the bar top anyone could have an instant aero bar. The triathletes would snap it up.

  2. @Pablo, really? Their cranks suck, but bars are bars, and stems are probably the least important item on a bike (as long as it fits and holds). Not really sure how their cantilever brakes are, but the design looks sound.

  3. I think the traickies will love these too, IMO

    You could user them where the hoods normally go. It would be a way of duplicating a 3T Sphinx bar. But your could use a stiffer road bar, as from my understanding the Sphinx can be a little flexi in the drops.

    I’d love to get a set to try

  4. Specialized has similar product called Bar Shapers (although designed to be placed in the backside of the road handlebar top, to “convert” rounded top bars to a more ergonomic ovalized shape).
    It is made of some soft rubber and can be cut to match bar width. I have been using some for about 1 year and works great, climbing hand position has more support, wrists don’t get tired as much. I bought them to make my round profile bar feel similar to an older “aero-ergonomic” bar I had before, only that this time you can even adjust the hand support angle to your needs

  5. Not to turn this into a full-blown helmet debate, but I for one take issue with anyone pushing cycling products (even via kickstarter) not wearing one, esp. on the road. Sets a poor example. I think the product is cool though. I buy flat-section bars specifically for the ulnar nerve support, and this could open up my bar options substantially.

  6. I like the idea! If you are pain free you will be faster period, we all wear shorts that have a built in diaper (cause they relieve pain) yet are worried about a handlebar with a different shape. Give me a break! Plus the guy is keeping it local, you have to respect that!

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