littleford bicycle's expedition rig

Please help Jon Littleford get his personal bike back. The beautiful rig he showed at this years’ NAHBS was stolen in front of Portland’s downtown courthouse on April 11, 2013.

From Jon: “On the morning of Thursday, April 11 the Littleford Expedition rig, shown 2 months ago at NAHBS, was stolen from where it was locked, on camera, in front of the downtown courthouse. The bike was there for just over an hour.

I spent two very hard months designing and building this prototype expedition bike for the show. It is one of a kind. Please see here for more photos and keep an eye out for either the whole bike, or for some key components that may be parted out:
Schmidt SON SL dynamo hub (currently with Velocity Aeroheat rim)
Schmidt Edelux dynamo headlight (brushed finish. These come from the factory polished.)
Velo Orange Gran Cru high flange touring hub (also currently with Aeroheat hubs.)
Well worn (and beloved) honey-colored Brooks B-17 Select saddle.
Nitto Dirt drop stem
Sugino XD triple crank
Velo Orange Gran Cru seat post
I’d really appreciate any help and/or information that may help me get back my bike, helpful information can also go to the police(503) 255 3600 (Police case # 13-402154).”


  1. Cretins like this miscreant thief oughta have their hands cut off when caught, like in Roman times. That would be a deterrent, methinks. Hope you get it back soon, Jon. A nice rig. Sometimes life can bite the big bjojo.

  2. Will be watching, stealing art is a felony for good reason. If the thief has sense, he will return it, as selling it will be a risk to his freedom.

    Cameras in front of the courthouse ? If so…….

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