Madman Eric Barone Hosts Barone Speed Week, High Speed Records Hope to be Broken

You’ve seen the video. Yeah, you know the one where Eric Barone rag dolls down a volcano after hitting 138 mph on a mountain bike only to have the fork shear from the bike at terminal volocity? Well, as they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – and in the case of Eric Barone, the crash that nearly took his life and was to be his last speed record attempt would certainly qualify. After over a decade in retirement, Barone was back on the bike in 2012 to attempt to break his own record for the fastest speed on snow. According to Eric’s site, he still holds the world records for the fastest down hill mountain bike on snow, and dirt but records are meant to be broken, right?

Check out more details of his record attempt bike with Mavic carbon wheels after the break!

Madman Eric Barone Hosts Barone Speed Week, High Speed Records Hope to be Broken

Eric has had a string of bikes specially prepared to withstand speeds over 130mph, though this latest bike looks like the most extreme. With carbon fairings everywhere, and custom Mavic carbon aero wheels and technical support, the crazy down hill bike should help propel him to ludicrous speed. Barone’s record attempt will come as part of Barone Speed week 2013 – where world speed records will be attempted in ski, monoski, snowboard, Eric’s mountain bike, and a first time attempt for Julien Brunet in his Dualski wheelchair!  The event will take place from April 6 to 13, 2013 in Les Arcs 2000 – the same place Barone set his snow bike record of 222.22 Kh/h, or 138 mph.

Madman Eric Barone Hosts Barone Speed Week, High Speed Records Hope to be Broken

We wish Eric and all the competitors the best of luck!


  1. I sure hope he will be swapping in those new SiCCC brake rotors so he can “let the brakes handle the modulation, not the rider”. Remember, Eric, 70-80% of the braking power makes you “faster overall”!

  2. I would only consider this a record if it´s done with an off-the-shelf frame and commonly avaiable components.
    Let´s be honest, that thing he´s sitting on isn´t a bike.

  3. @rider i’ve read it is a Sott Gambler 2010. So its a bike.

    I was wondering why you use a derailleur. I mean you cant pendal but yor chain can get into the spokes.

    Why isnt he wearing a full face?
    Braking with the face wasn’t very effective the last time, either.

    (Which you the best eric! )

  4. I give him props for this (I sure don’t have the guts to do so), but I laugh at how just about everything on the bike is meant for pure speed and aerodynamics, then they have this GoPro stick right off the bar. That not going to help things.

    Also, Husselfelt cranks and X7 rear mech? Gross. Doesn’t he know that if it isn’t a clutch derailleur then it’s just not cool? Ha.

  5. So, where is the red bull logo? Seriously, this guy deserves some sponsorship from them. More so than that Euro fixie hipster from a few weeks ago.

  6. So a decade later, all that clothing prep, and he still doesn’t have a properly-desogned frame for his application. At least snow riders have a better chance at survival than volcanic ash rocks!

  7. Want to beat the downhill speed record. I believe the current science is all wrong. Forget the lightweight bike, the heaver the better to overcome drag. Next you need to move the front wheel behind the forks to create caster. Next create the rims out of very heavy material, at high speeds they will act like gyroscopes (Get It). Now the faster you go, the more stable the bike becomes. The best thing is, with more weight being an advantage; the bike can be built indestructible. A little credit would be nice when you break 200mph. Thanks, P. Molloy

  8. i want to breake Eric and Markus high speed records, so Eric and Markus please give me a one chance to breake this record, i am debashis and i live in India.Thank you.

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