Sho-Air international Takes a Stand, Addresses UCI/USAC “Forbidden Racing”

Sho-Air international Takes a Stand, Addresses UCI/USAC "Forbidden Racing"

Sho-Air International, a Top Tiered NICA sponsor, main sponsor of a independent club teams,  primary sponsor of the US Cup, as well as the title sponsor of the Sho-Air/Cannondale Factory North America mountain bike race team has fired back against the UCI and USAC, for trying to prevent any UCI license holder from participating in non-sanctioned events, with an official press release. The message? Sho-Air will be sending a full roster of riders from Team Sho-Air/Cannondale to race the Whiskey 50, including current Pro XCT series leader Jeremiah Bishop, 2012 Pro XCT/Pro UET Champion and two time defending Whiskey 50 champion Monique “Pua” Mata, along with NUE 100 opener winner Alex Grant and former Master World Champion Tinker Juarez.

In bold words, Sho-Air addressed the UCI and USAC saying, “We challenge the UCI and USAC to fine our riders for representing their team, sponsors and fans by participating in the Whiskey 50. Any negative action taken towards our team or riders will be met with an immediate and appropriate response.”

Think the UCI and USAC will get the message? Check out the full press release after the break.

Sho-Air International addresses UCI/USAC “Forbidden Race” Ruling.

Sho-Air International, “Top Tiered” NICA sponsor, Principle sponsor of a half dozen independent club teams with membership exceeding 1,000, primary sponsor of the US Cup, as well as the title sponsor of the Sho-Air / Cannondale Factory North America mountain bike race team, announced today that a full roster of riders from Team Sho-Air / Cannondale are being sent to participate at the Whiskey 50. This action is in spite of the current mandate from the UCI and USA Cycling regarding rule 1.2.019 that forbids UCI license holders from participation in non-sanctioned events.

The team roster for the Whiskey 50 includes current Pro XCT series leader Jeremiah Bishop, 2012 Pro XCT/Pro UET Champion and two time defending Whiskey 50 champion Monique “Pua” Mata, along with NUE 100 opener winner Alex Grant and former Master World Champion Tinker Juarez.

The Sho-Air/Cannondale squad is the first to make a public statement and stand against the current mandate regarding rule 1.2.019 handed down Friday April 5th by UCI president Pat McQuaid.

Sho-Air Company President and CEO, R. Scott Tedro had this to say about his decision to send team riders to the Whiskey 50 in spite of potential action by USAC. “We have had hundreds of phone calls, e-mails and Facebook posts regarding this issue by fans, friends and fellow riders stating their discontent and asking for help. We have always done our best to support USAC by permitting, and inscripting our events in the past and may continue in the future, as well as given countless hours of our time in assisting them in the promotion of the sport. Our proven and continued support of Cycling at all levels and activates from Mountain Biking, Road Cycling to Sponsorship and Promotion speaks for itself as to our commitment to the industry and its fans.

I have spent countless hours trying to negotiate a solution for all parties involved regarding this issue to no avail. The time has come to take a stand and lead by example, as this issue will affect us all, not only the Professional rider, but the Master and Junior amateur rider as well, that just want to race their bikes and have fun. We also are supporting the promoter’s right to choose not to sanction with USA Cycling. Freedom of choice is a right that must be protected.

We are supporting Todd Sadow and Epic Rides and will attend his event, the Whiskey 50, in full force. We do not recognize the UCI or USAC’s authority to take away unalienable rights of liberty when it comes to a riders desire to compete against his or her peers whether it be to earn a living as is the case for a Professional, or to experience the joys of competing for fun while pursuing a healthy lifestyle as an amateur. We challenge the UCI and USAC to fine our riders for representing their team, sponsors and fans by participating in the Whiskey 50. Any negative action taken towards our team or riders will be met with an immediate and appropriate response.”

Team Director Ty Kady welcomes the opportunity to take a stand.

“I’ve been pushing Scott for several years to really make USAC stand up for mountain bikers and the sport here in the US. This is a perfect opportunity for USAC to support all their licensed members by giving the UCI pushback on a rule that clearly doesn’t work with the US model of mountain biking. However they have yet to make a stand against the UCI. As the promoter of two Pro XCT and two PRO UET events in 2013, what’s even more grievous is USAC offers no overall prize money for their Pro XCT or Pro UET series champion, even though they claim them to be the “premier” US Mountain bike series. They offer no financial support for promoters, who actually do host a UCI event on their behalf, yet now they want to tell racers when and where and for whom they can race their bikes? That doesn’t sit well with me, especially when it’s obvious they are doing nothing to bolster their own series so riders can try and earn income.

Like what Sho-Air is doing?


34 thoughts on “Sho-Air international Takes a Stand, Addresses UCI/USAC “Forbidden Racing”

  1. This is really fun now.
    Grate stance from Sho-Air hope other sponsors can unite against UCI and USAC inadequate rules for any rider.

  2. Either the UCI fines the Sho-Air team and it’s members and makes themselves look as stuck up as they have always been, or they decide to “Let it slide” and look stuck up as they have always been, with a hint of hypocrisy thrown into the mix. (I almost hear that bell tolling for an independent race organization!)

  3. Good on Sho-Air.

    Its nice to see that they support the grass roots of the sport and participation, when the UCI, seems to be discouraging it.

    People love to be part of events and to say they were able to participate with a big name.

    Does this mean the ANY Pro roadie that now has their owbn charity Ride will not be able to ride in it because it niot a UCI santioned event?

    Anyone else see the double standard?

  4. This is awesome. But at the same time, I’m getting into randonneuring and with that comes a bit of anti-pro pride. I think there should be more events sans pros so that the rest of us can participate as equals, not fighting to make it even into the race.

  5. What’s the purpose/intention of that rule again? Maybe to prevent international pro racers from getting injured in local races that might not have as much course safety?

  6. You meant that Tinker will NOT be able to attend my kids 2013 Kindergarden Bike Rodeo Ride and Competition this year…. Love how the UCI and USAC is bullying race promoters like this… Word on the street is Lance Armstrong may take over non-UCI sanctioned races with his own organization. ::::)))) (insert DR EVIL villain laugh)..

  7. The uci has been hell bent on control over competitive cycling at the expense of growing the sport for a long time now. I hope the much rumored pro league brake away happens soon. The uci is harming cycling in the name of power and greed. All governing members of the uci should have hold competition licenses and compete regularly to help ween our the career politicians that have infected our sport.

  8. D Luuuupooooo – Is Tinker UCI? I only really hear of him doing Stateside ultra-endurance races really.

  9. NOW THIS ! This is a great statement !!! Congrats and Thank You Sho Air & Cannondale !!! Ride safe and HAVE FUN !!!! That’s what cycling is !!!!

  10. Way to go Sho-Air! What is really pathetic is at the PRO XTC races offers no prize money. What a joke. Hope USAC goes under.

  11. FINALLY, someone with some balls – to stand up against the UCI & USAC power-hungry and greedy BULLIES.

    We are HOPING that other Sponsors/Teams will be emboldened by this ADMIRABLE and COURAGEOUS LEADERSHIP from Sho-Air/Cannondale.

  12. WAY TO GO TEAM SHO-AIR! This should really be a wake-up call to the cycling race community. The UCI and the USAC unfortunately do not have the best interests of the sport; they serve their own interests. Pat McQuaid and Steve Johnson need to go!

  13. Awesome! Most, if not all, local pros will be breaking this rule anyway. Sho Air is one of the few teams w/ enough influence and $$ to punch back=)

  14. What’s even scarier about this rule, is it trickles down to Master’s, Amateurs and Junior riders who may hold a UCI license……this isn’t just about Pro’s annymore.

    Tinker Juarez holds a UCI Master license so he can race Master’s Worlds, a one time international event. Yet he is in jeopardy as well of not being able to race Vision Quest, 12 Hours of Temecula and other races he enjoys as part of his racing schedule.

    I myself have held off getting my Master’s UCI license so I can race fun stuff like Over The Hump, Southridge Winter series and other non sanctioned races. Or else even a CAT 1 like myself would be subject to these rules.

    A select few NICA Highschool kids have UCI licenses so they can race in Europe at World Cups to gain experience. NICA is not UCI or USAC, so these kids are now caught in the middle of this stupid rule.

    Hope that adds some clarification.

  15. Well as a Cat 3/2 Mtn bike racer on a different team I always hated riding against all of the ShoAir riders. But I love the events (Kenda Cup) that Scott and Tom put on. Before they teamed, 4 or 5 years ago, up my class (50-54) had 5 or 6 riders, my last race at Bonelli Cat 2 55-59 had 19 riders. This is because of Scott’s hard work! Three CHEERS for Scott Tedro!

  16. In the case of Enduro, which is really becoming one of the biggest growth/participatory aspects of mt. biking, the UCI themselves chose not to sanction and formulate a set of guidelines for how a event could be UCI sanctioned. So its not like the Whiskey 50 where the promoter does not see value in purchasing a permit, the UCI does not have the ability to sanction an Enduro event currently. Top events have top World Cup XC racers/DH racers/Cross racers all being effected. Sven’s interview with Chris Ball is very interesting, months before the USAC drama.,4574/Slideshow,0/sspomer,2

  17. Well done Sho Air! To all of you who race don’t hesitate to call and politely ensure your local USAC official knows your opinion. Don’t be a jerk, or your voice becomes noise.


  18. glad seeing sho-air involved like this. they are great supporters of the racing scene in socal and always bring the talent.

  19. backing sho-air 110% on this. will kick in for lawyer cost and buying what ever they are selling. thx for having the balls to tell UCI were to stick it.

  20. Stick it to ’em Sho Air! We all need to stand up to this bullying from the UCI and push Pat McQuaid and his corrupt regime to resign.

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