Soleus SG200 GPS cycling computer for 99 dollars with direct Strava upload

Soleus has been making running watches and training equipment (heart rate monitors, GPS watches, etc) for a while, collaborating with Nike at times.

Now, they’re bringing their technology to cycling with a full featured and impressively priced GPS computer. The Soleus GPS Draft bundles current/avg/max speed, auto-lap detection, calories burned calculator, 1/100s chronograph, 5 programmable alarms, auto calendar, 30 ride file storage and EL backlight with night mode, and more into a water-resistant package.

While it won’t show your location on a map, it does track your route for display later. When you’re done, pop it in the included USB data upload/charging cable and it’ll send your data straight to Strava (via their included software). All that for just $99.

But wait, there’s more…

Soleus SG200 GPS cycling computer for 99 dollars with direct Strava upload

They’re even partnering with Bar Fly to offer an optional bundled out-front mount. Greg Hillson of Bar Fly told us he’s been testing one for the past couple months and has been pretty pleased with the computer. Pics are small, but here’s what it’ll look like:

Soleus SG200 GPS cycling computer for 99 dollars with direct Strava upload

The Soleus GPS Draft should be available in mid-April.


  1. The price is palatable, but I’d love sensors for true speed and altitude.

    Or maybe I’m 25MPH faster without my CatEye.

  2. but then they wouldn’t be able to release a $200 version in May. I just gnabbed a garmin510, but at $100, this opens doors for many!

  3. Essentially it’s a semi-rental.
    For full functionality you need to upgrade to “Premium Membership” and even with a free membership you are tied to their website. I guess that’s the way now – “here’s something cheap but all your data belongs to us, and to use that data fully you need to pay us rental”, and of course, if you get sick of it or yuo buy a different brand of device, you loose all your data.

  4. Soleus’ customer service seems to be non-existent. I’ve contacted them several times about an issue with my watch and never gotten a response.

  5. Much better looking mount that the crappy Garmin “wings” that broke off my 500. I’m waiting on the Cat Eye Stealth 50 to replace my 500.

  6. As a previous owner of a Garmin Edge 200, which was recently knocked down to 130 bucks, there is absolutely no way you could convince me this unit would ever be worth saving 30 bucks over the 200. You can upload to either Garmin’s site or the ever popular Strava, and it comes in a classy black/white case (again, pink or yellow?). Also, the course/backtrack function alone is reason enough to pick up the garmin over this for a paltry 30 bucks more. Unless the GPS is staggeringly more accurate (moved to the new 510 for better accuracy for trail riding), I don’t see how this unit even competes.

    And Bob, I’ve never, ever seen or heard of anyone breaking a Garmin edge mount, and I work at a fairly busy bike shop with lots of people using Garmins. That and it’s like 10 bucks for two new mounts plus bands. Or buy a nice alloy K-edge mount for 50 bucks if the other ones aren’t working out. Or just enjoy the Cateye. Whatever works best for you.

  7. Bob, I stand corrected. A brief interwebs search indicates there was a rash of 500’s with the tabs on the actual back of the computer breaking quite a bit. Aside from that, the actual rubber band and disc type mounts, I’ve never heard of any issues. If your computer mount broke in that fahsion shortly after purchase, I would recommend contacting your dealer or Garmin directly about a warranty replacement.

  8. Just a word of warning – when this thing works, it’s great. But there is some design flaw with the physical mechanism of the buttons and I’ve had 2 break in less than 6 months – the device becomes useless when one (or more) of the inputs no longer functions.

    I’m guessing that’s why the 2013 model is on blowout sale at REI and such. Caveat emptor.

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