Limited Edition Giro Empire road bike shoes in electric blue

POW! Giro’s Empire lace-up road bike shoes just popped out of the Skittles rainbow in a limited edition Electric Blue!

They’re part of Giro’s monthly First Friday limited edition release series. Only 400 pairs are being made, with 50 of them available through the FB promotion today and another 350 headed to retailers throughout the US, Europe and Pacific Rim after April 20. Every pair includes a matching iPhone slip case. Basic details include a 6.5mm thick Easton EC90 carbon sole, SuperNatural insole fit kit with adjustable arch support and 210g weight (size 42, per shoe).

The Empire was released at Eurobike last year with a sweet collection of prototype colors and patterns, and we’ve got a pair in for long term review. More pics below…

Limited Edition Giro Empire road bike shoes in electric blue

Limited Edition Giro Empire road bike shoes in electric blue


  1. I like the Giros, they look good and the sole is sweet. The last and outsole is not right for me though. I had the faction and it was a little too flat inside for my narrow, high arch feet.. Feet are tricky though, they probably fit most feet perfectly.

  2. mindless–MTB shoe is in the works, supposedly for next product year, and there is an SF-looking SPD commuter shoe already in production. kailua–Giro claims the Empire is maleable enough to not need a wider last for wider feet, and my own feet agree. I have an Apeckx with the high volume fit, but the Empire fits out of the box.

  3. Kboutie – I’ve ridden them in high-70’s and they’ve been fine, but that’s why we test stuff for more than a few rides. I’m interested in seeing how they feel come mid-summer. The upside is that even in low 50’s they’re perfectly fine with normal cycling socks, and with medium wool ones down to upper 40’s.

    Kallua – Their other shoes are a bit snug on me, too, but these work. Not sure why other than the uppers might give a bit more, and you can always run the laces as snug or loose as you need to. So far, so good.

    The only interim report is that you do need to run very short cleat screws since the sole is so thin.

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