Token tube valve extender with Campagnolo EPS magnetic plug portNot quite sure what to do with your Campagnolo EPS’ magnetic on/off switch? Neither were we, which is why it’s buried somewhere in one of our duffels, only found when we’re least looking for it.

Token felt your pain and created a simple valve extender with an open end sized to hold the magnetic key. Just slide it in, and you’re off without fear of losing it from a jersey pocket. It’s CNC machined from alloy with a tiny steel bolt inside to hold the magnet. Weight is just 1.6g excluding the EPS magnet button.

Retail is just £4.99, EPS part not included. Thanks to Tom from i-Ride for sending this in.


  1. So why would someone pay maximum dollars for an aero wheel that needs a valve extender only to put he magnet weight on there to add back some rotating weight? Kind of silly don’t you think? What was wrong with putting the magnet in your car or garage when you started your ride?

  2. Not just that it may get lost when the wheel is going fast, but you have to be extremely stupid to put such a stupid but expensive magnet in a place where it may get lost. Maybe not, but if it get lost because of putting it there, you will think: “how could i be so stupid to put this fucking magnet here, i knew it”.

    So the only good thing of this, is that, the stupidity of campagnolo of creating a magnet key for using a bike, has been surpased by token. this new item is even more stupid. congrats to token!!!

  3. Actually, the key isn’t a stupid idea at all, despite the baseless pronouncements. It is possible to store it in a secure spot at home just like many other things that you don’t want to get lost, like a spare set of keys, heart medicine, a thumb drive, or even a spoke key. I’ve successfully gone about 20 years without losing a spoke key (Whoa!) Also, as it happens radial forces from rotation would keep the magnet in place. And guess what: the faster the wheel turns, the greater the force holding the magnetic key in place! Go twice as fast, and that key will be held in place with 4x more force! It’s a physics thing (this will be helpful: ). Token’s idea may not be so good however for harmonic impulses from rotational motion (uh, it might make a wheel significantly out of balance).

  4. You know that M6 bolt that pre-loads your headset? The one you tighten with a 5mm Allen Key? Just see how well your magnet fits in there. Perfectly.

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