Sombrio Re-signs Darren Berrecloth for 2013

Joining forces again for the next couple years, the Claw has been re-signed by Sombrio to collaborate on burly lines, and big airs. With Sombrio’s roots running deep in the freeride world, having one of the premiere freeride mountain bikers on the team makes quite a bit of sense. Recently, when we got a chance to interview Sombrio’s founder Dave Watson, he mentioned building their team and gave us some of the details on how Sombrio came to be. When asked of re-upping on the team, Darren said, “Stoked to be part of a company that sparked the free ride scene right here at home.” Definitely a purveyor of the two-wheel culture!”

Check out a quick video of the Claw doing what he does best after the break.

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