One of our favorite local bike shops in the Santa Cruz area, Scotts Valley Cycle Sport, just picked up two fresh new Carbon Santa Cruz Bronson bikes and sent us over a scale shot.

Head past the break to see what the tweener weighs…

The size medium carbon bike draped in the SPX 2×10 built kit with optional Kashima upgrades and Specialized Bennie pedals (430 grams) mounted weighed 30 lbs 15 oz. Claimed weight on the $6,104 MSRP rig is 28.48 lbs.




  1. Lower guide pulley and pedals is the difference.

    That is kinda chunky. My 170mm bike, with Hans Dampfs, Cane Creek DBA, Lyrik, aluminum tank-like frame is 30lb with pedals (320g platforms) – but without the dropper. Dropper adds about 300g.

  2. Would be no problem to bring it down to 26lbs and still good for trail. It’s all about how much you want to spend. I have an Intense Carbine at 26lbs and some change (no dropper)… again no problem to build this up the same way, just make sure and scratch it up w/ real use.

  3. the bike could easily be in the mid 20lb range, the tires that come on it are 2.4″ highroller ll’s, proper trail bike tires and a couple other things will drop the weight down quite a bit. the bike feels ok, low speed tight cornering feels funky.

  4. Wow. Carbon bike w fox 34 150mm with rear airshock weights close to 31lbs.

    Mine is exactly 30lbs 13oz:
    SC nomad ALUMINIUM size M
    KS I950R adj post
    Fox 36 Float 160mm
    Fox DHX RC4 stock 350lbs steel coil
    Maxxis MInion DHF front & rear
    Shimano Zee grpset, SLX crank.

    I don’t see how a heavier bike with shorter travel and rear air shock can be faster or more fun than a nomad Alu?

    Can anyone pls justify the pricetag and performance gain for bronson 650B?

  5. We just built up a Yeti SB66 carbon that was under 29lbs with pedals and Reverb post and regular price (XT kit) with post is $5975. I know the larger wheels weigh a tad more, but not that much more.

  6. Unfortunately we were not able to get a production shipment of the spec’d tires (High Roller 2 Tubeless Ready EXO 2.3″) in time for the Bronson launch. To get the bikes out the door we’re substituting High Roller 2 non-tubeless 2.4″ EXO 3C tires and inner tubes for the first month or so.

    Because of this (and the weight of the pictured pedals, of course) the bike weighs more than it should. The tires are killer, but a bit overkill for a lot of riding areas. Pull them off when the tubeless 2.3’s become available and save them for a Moab trip.

    This is unfortunately the price of being an early(ish) adopter, but the market will be flooded with many more great 27.5″ components very soon.

  7. Frame weight will clear up the parts confusion. Think you can get Scott’s to tear it down for another pic? 🙂

    Please send a bronson to OTE sports in Fruita so I can rent it in a few weeks when I’m out there. I’d like to keep my current Tallboy C for just racing and was debating a LT TB for fun/beatings, the bronson might be a better choice.


  8. These comment threads blow my mind. This bike doesn’t have special proprietary components. Figure out the frame weight, compare that weight to other frames. This is one of the lightest frames in its segment. It will therefore be one of the lightest complete builds with the same components in this segment. It will obviously be lighter than an aluminum Nomad with the same components.

  9. @Josh: I assume the claimed weight is also from the matte finish and not the Tennis Ball Yellow, which would also add ~0.5lb imo?

  10. I always appreciate when someone from the manufacturer comments – so thanks Josh.

    This is bike is really cool. I have the Remedy 9.9 and it has 150mm of travel and weighs 25 pds even with a dropper seat post. With XX on this and much lighter tires, I assume this bike could be in around 26 pounds (the larger wheels will add some weight). I thin 27.5 is going to catch on huge and appreciate SC and others progressing this platform.

  11. I honestly fail to see the point of this bike – except for the fact that Santa Cruz wants to serve the 650b crowd. My Nomad C sits at the same weight with a beefier fork and wheels. I could see myself switch to a Tallboy LT but as long as the tweener Bronson is not considerably lighter than a comparable 29er it does not have a lot going for it.
    That being said I love that color!

  12. My 2013 Giant Trance X 29’er. All alluminum, full XT, with pedals/cage weighs in @ 28 lbs. Oh yeah its also $2000 cheaper.

  13. I’ve got this one bike, and it weighs about 30 lbs. It’s got those those wheels…that one size that is the best. It’s so awesome. It’s not ridiculous like your bike. It’s got those tires that are that one size and has all those special parts that have an X on them. It looks good when it leans against my wall while I’m on my computer arguing about bikes.

  14. Okay guys, we get it. Your (insert other comparable frame here) that was built up with lighter components, including much lighter tires, yielded a bike that is at least a couple of pounds lighter than this one. What is your point?

    If this frame is your cup of tea, then you can build it however you like. You can build it to be 25 lbs or 35 lbs.

    It’s like you are trying to rationalize in your own mind that your bike is the best thing ever. It probably is. Enjoy it.

  15. Josh,

    Can you inform us of the wheel weights as well? I’m guessing around 1800-1900 grams for the wheels of which a new wheelset could drop down to around 1700 grams. I think that by doing a wheel/tire swap one could get a lot of weight down for local trailriding and then have something beefier to swap on for a trip to Downieville.

  16. I just tried out the rocky mountain altitude 750msl, I’m with sworks; I’ve never done my local trail that quickly on my blur lt. I think I may go with the altitude over the bronson as I do a bit more climbing. But man, climbing, flats and surprisingly the downhill were all faster on the 650b.

    Food for thought.

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