LifeBEAM, the company that was hosting an Indigogo campaign to fund production of their Smart cycling helmet, recently announced that they have surpassed their funding goal with almost 30 days still to go. What makes the helmet smart? That would be the integrated heart rate sensor built into the lid which monitors your vitals with an optical sensor on your forehead. Having met their funding needs, LifeBEAM is happy to bring the Smart technology to market and wanted to post another video demonstrating the helmet’s abilities.

There were a lot of questions about the helmet’s functionality with hats or headbands worn underneath, so we reached out to LifeBEAM to get the answer, after the break.

LifeBEAM Smart Cycling Helmet Meets Funding Goal, Offers more Details

Based on the fact that the LifeBEAM sensor uses an optical reading to measure your pulse, LifeBEAM confirmed that wearing a hat or headband that obscures the sensor will prevent it from functioning.

Specifically, “LifeBEAM’s technology is an advanced variation of optical sensors commonly-used in hospitals for many years. In general, two light beams are transmitted to the skin and the reflection is measured in an electro-optical cell. This allows us to monitor changes in blood flow and extract heart rate. Blocking the light beam with any kind of cloth will prevent this action.  The sensor is located on the helmet’s front – gently touching the upper part of the forehead. As long as the cap doesn’t block the sensor – you’re good to go.”

If that is a deal breaker, don’t despair – LifeBEAM is working on their own skull cap that will be compatible with their optical sensor.

LifeBEAM Smart Cycling Helmet Meets Funding Goal, Offers more Details

LifeBEAM is also offering a new pledge level – $45, which gets you this pilot helmet carrying case. The case would work great with your LifeBEAM helmet, though it would work great with any high end helmet that is worth protecting.


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