Danny MacAskill and Red Bull Team up for New Imaginate Web Series

There’s no doubt that Danny MacAskill has built his reputation on being one of the most creative and fun to watch trials riders around, so it should come as no surprise that Red Bull is helping to make his own web series. Called MacAskill’s Imaginate, the series basically gives Danny a blank canvas and the resources to make any type of riding he wants out of it. Danny says, “I have such a free-range that I can build the set-ups that allow me to do the tricks that have just been in my dreams, up until now.”

Judging by the preview after the break and the tank above, if they’re anything like that massive front flip step down, we’re in for a great show.

MacAskill’s #imaginate web series will drop on April 16th.

Episode 1 – 16th April
Episode 2 – 7th May
Episode 3 – 14th May
Episode 4 – 28th May
Episode 5 – 11th June
Episode 6 – 25th June


  1. Not to get technical, but that’s not a tank. It’s a self propelled artillery piece. The difference? A tank has lots of armor, can shoot on the move, can shoot at moving targets and can only hit targets it can see. An artillery piece fire from a stationary position at targets 5-25 miles away that it can’t see. Calling them the same thing is sort of like saying an 18 wheeler and a Ferrari are the same thing.

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