So it is April 1st and all, but this one could really go either way. I’m quite sure the cassette pictured here is not an actual 11 speed road cassette due to the increased cog spacing between the two smallest cogs, but is this a teaser of things to come? Sram’s 22 may be real, or it may not – jump past the break to check out the video for yourself.

Thanks to Micah for the tip on the video.


  1. Additionally – within the industry, April 1st is not solely for the use of jokes. SantaCruz released the TallBoyLT on 4/1/12, and the Bronson on 4/1/13.

  2. The headline got my interest because I thought it was 1 x 22, now that would be worth a new hub standard for road! Also, those two bikes are not “jokes” by Santa Cruz?

  3. I bet my left nut that they do 2×11 speed road within the next year or two, and that they will use their new freehub design. So now we will have 3 separate freehub systems (campagnolo, shimano, and sram).

  4. I don’t think this is remotely like anything SRAM will be offering, but I’ve heard for a long time that SRAM had eleven speed in the works, and were only waiting for Shimano to release 9000 so that they could piggyback on the freehub design. Recently, I’ve heard that some industry bigwigs were shown prototype levers and drivetrains in private meetings. No word on what the levers were like, or if it actually used the new Shimano freehub, but it seems logical.

  5. NOBodyMan, I said the same thing about 8spd. I upgraded to 10spd last year. So maybe in ten years I’ll upgrade to 12 speed.

  6. 2×11 is lame.

    I’d rather run an 11-30 straight block like on Campy’s new Super Alfredo EPS group. You need a 160×30 thru-axle for the extra cogs, but the fatter hub will shorten spokes and shrink voids, for a stiffer, more aero wheel. Hydraulic drum brakes are just icing on the cake for anybody who wants to cheat the wind.

  7. In a few years we will have totally new drivetrain and another people would say “this is the best one”…

  8. This is a fake. But, Sram will be unveiling an 11 speed Red group at Sea Otter. Also, the hydro brake version will be there, in 11 speed form.

  9. It’s real. TRUST ME!!!! You think it’s just coincidence that all zipp wheels started coming with 11 speed cassette this year? No it isn’t you’ll see it introduced in a few days and on bikes this summer.

  10. SRAM FORCE too?… Anyone else pause the video to see that one of the logo’s clearly says this?
    As much as the cassette spacing and small cog size look totally wrong, I think it’s time!

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