Charles Bronson Forsakes Signature WTB Tire in Favor of Vigilante

In what may be the ultimate snub to his own, name branded Tires, legendary actor and action hero Charles Bronson has decided WTB’s new Vigilante tire is his tread of choice. After a quick ride down Santa Barbara’s Tunnel Trail, Bronson noted he was stoked on the tire’s handling characteristics, though when asked about his opinion on 650b he declined to comment.

Full testimonial from Bronson on the new Vigilante, after the break!

Charles Bronson Forsakes Signature WTB Tire in Favor of Vigilante

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA – April 1, 2013 – Legendary actor and action hero Charles Bronson proclaimed his love for WTB’s new Vigilante enduro tire Monday after an impromptu shred fest down Santa Barbara’s Tunnel Trail.  Bronson, best known for classic action onslaughts Death Wish 1, 2, 3, and 4, AND 5, was on a great escape from his wife and seven children residing in their mansion in Los Angeles’ Bel Air neighborhood.

While not one known for feelings, Bronson was smitten with the handling characteristics of the new Vigilante tread pattern, “Cornering.  Can’t get enough of it.  The Vigilante is the judge, the jury and the executioner.”  When asked about the prospective market for the tire, Charles couldn’t help but resort to his timeless film adage, “Audiences like to see bad guys get their comeuppance.”

Charles Bronson Forsakes Signature WTB Tire in Favor of Vigilante

Charles Bronson’s stamp of approval comes as a surprise to many.  WTB’s President, Patrick Seidler, mused over the significance of the occasion, “The Bronson [tire] is THE tire for Asia, America, and Europe.  Hearing Il Brutto forgo such a successful signature tire gives credence to the capability of our new Vigilante tire.  This is a momentous day for all.”

Click here to see Charles Bronson shredding the Vigilante!


  1. @isaac…It’s an Easter miracle! He came back to forgive the sins of those who made bad tire choices in the past by blessing this new tread pattern!

  2. We had a lot of fun photoshopping that picture together back when the Bronson tire first came out! Thanks for sharing it WTB and Bike Rumor!

  3. WTB is the Costco, Walmart and Amazon tire/seat of choice for off-brand knock-off complete bikes. They sell to anyone that moves. Awesome! Not sure why a credible brand would spec when there are better choices out there.

  4. If you think WTB is the ‘Costco, Walmart, or Amazon’ or tires and seats, you should probably try some of their product before you judge it. Their saddles happen to be some of the most comfortable and light on the market, and the TCS Bronson is currently one of the best trail/all mountain tires around right now.

  5. WTB is the Walmart?! They make some of the best-most popular saddles in the industry. They have been around since the beginning of mountain biking and support the sport allot. Their grease guard components are legendary and innovative and produce great tires at fair prices. There are far worse mammoth companies out there.

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