Ned Overend Spotted with Specialized Fat Bike Prototype

At a recent fatbike race, MTBR user akt42 spotted Ned Overend with what appears to be a prototype Specialized fat bike. We’ve heard rumors of the big brands looking to jump on the fat bike wagon, and after seeing this, it can’t be far off. According to akt42, the hydroformed aluminum frame was running Big Fat Larrys on Clown Shoe rims built symmetrically and had a rear end wider than 170mm. So far we’ve heard rumors of 186.5 to 190mm rear fatbike hub width in the works and it looks like Specialized may jump right in with the new standard on their first go.

Check out a close up of the bike after the break.

Ned Overend Spotted with Specialized Fat Bike Prototype

The offset double e*thirteen crankset provides the necessary clearance for the BFLs. The frame looks pretty tasty with all of the hydroforming – I wonder what it weighs? Check out the thread on MTBR for more details.



  1. It would be really nice if there was something in between a Pugsley and that Walmart fatbike on the market. Even if it was super basic, a $500-600 aluminum fatbike (Rigid fork. 1×8. Mechanical disks) would be excellent to broaden the market appeal.

  2. the weight is appealing, glad they are going with the wider hub, meaning no off set rear wheel or crank, though I am kind of surprised they are going with the wider Clown Shoe/BFL, that means you Have to get new/rebuilt wheels if you want to go with the narrower tires, especially if they go with the 170+ proprietary hub.

  3. WV Cycling and Xris, have you ridden through soft snow or sand very much? How has the “leaned over…OTB’ing be damned” approach worked for you? Just curious.

    I hope this rumor comes true!

  4. And the race continues to find a way to sell yet another bike to the same customer that already has one of everything else this industry has come up with. The only brands attracting new customers to bicycling are the internet direct sellers that exist by scalping pricing. I kinda hope Mongoose just guts this fatbike thing quickly so the subject changes soon.

  5. And soon they will tell their dealers that after this bike comes out that they cannot be Salsa or Surly dealers anymore. Just as was done if you were are Giro or Giant dealer.

    Instead of trying to get the same customers to buy more bikeshow about if all of the bike companies actually tried to get more new people on bikes by really lobbying for safer cycling routes for new cyclists.

  6. I saw this bike as well, I think the frame weight was under 4lbs, has a 190mm rear end, and a PF30bb.
    Looks pretty sick if you ask me! Competition drives innovation!

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