For a number of reasons, there’s little more confidence-inspiring than a Syntace product.  While their graphics aren’t flashy and they don’t tend to change things often, the German company’s attention to detail is clear.  Every product comes with extensive , informative installation and use instructions- and admonishments to read them before use.

The 740mm wide, 12 degree Vector Carbon handlebar and Megaforce 2 stems are, in effect, made for one another.  Combining the current trends for wider bars and more comfortable sweeps, the Vector Carbon somehow manages to look at once badass and comfortable.  To manage all that leverage, the Megaforce 2 stem is one of the widest we’ve seen, with 5mm hardware all around- but still manages a trail-worthy weight.  Hit the jump for more photos and the full details…

The 42mm wide Megaforce 2 stem is really a cool looking piece of kit.  Designed to make the most of wide bars and tapered steerers, Syntace’s latest stem comes in at 142g (80mm) and just under $100.  Though it looks relatively short in profile, it’s a fairly standard 36mm tall with a 6° rise.  All of the hardware includes little o-rings, presumably to gently hold the steerer and bars during installation or adjustment.

A 6g Litecap is included with the stem and sits flush with the top of the stem for a very clean look if so desired.  All of its machining and marking are actually on the cap’s underside, keeping visual clutter to a minimum.

Designed to take maximum advantage of carbon fiber’s strength and vibration damping potential, Syntace claim that the 31.8mm Vector Carbon “isn’t only stronger than others, but it also absorbs smaller impacts and vibrations better thanks to its outstanding dampening [sic] characteristics – as well as offering an incredible steering precision.”  An in-molded titanium mesh helps to reinforce the clamping area while a bit of texture helps to reduce the need for high fastener torque.

The 12° sweep is apparently difficult to manufacture and something that Syntace are quite proud of.  Despite its width and 220g weight, the Vector Carbon is downhill standard VR-3 approved, exceeding what is said to be the world’s toughest handlebar and stem test requirements. Syntace have even gone so far as to include assembly paste and provide recommended torques for specific shifters in their instructions.  Again: confidence-inspiring.

While we hope not to test the stem or $220 bar or to its limits, long days riding big bikes on big mountains should let us know if Syntace’s comfort and stiffness promises ring true.  Look for a full review later this summer.  In the meantime, Syntace products (including the excellent P6 Hiflex seatpost) are available from US several distributors as well as importers Radsport USA.



  1. Damping, not dampening. Dampening is when something is made wet. Damping is the reduction in vibration by absorption of energy. “Outstanding damping characteristics”.

  2. For me personally, Syntace and Easton are the best company in terms of the production of carbon fiber parts !
    I myself drive for years to Syntace Carbon Durflite 31.8 / 630mm !
    I can highly recommend !

    Greetings from Berlin/Germany !

  3. Sorry guys ! LOL

    Surely it should rather be written as.

    Drive for years, the Syntace Carbon 31,8 / 630 mm, it is one of the best handlebar, I have ever driven !

    Greetings !

  4. I recently bought one of these stems. It is really nicely finished, and seemed really light weight for the advertised strength. after one ride a stem bolt snapped off. the stem was installed to specified torque, yet during a climb I heard a ping, and when I looked down one of the stem bolts were missing. I really wanted to like this stem because of the wide cool looking clamp, maybe I just got a manufacture defect.

  5. I have owned Syntace stem on my s works epic and it has been great. Never had a problem. I like that it is no nonsense – simple and light.

  6. I’m running the same stem and 680mm version of the bars, along with a Syntace P6 carbon seatpost on my titanium hardtail. The Syntace cockpit was a real game changing improvement over my previous Thomson/ENVE setup! The quality is tops from finish to hardware and the design is advanced – one example are the rubber o-rings on the ti stem bolts that keep them from falling off when installing/disassembling.

  7. If I could afford it every component on my bike would be syntace. As for now ill have to make do with my 780mm vector dh bar.

  8. I just bought one of these stems new and I noticed that the surface that mates with the steerer is not smooth, towards the front of the stem. I can see four points of bare aluminum that look like nicks, evenly spaced (2 on the upper wall of the stem, and 2 on the lower). I shouldn’t have to sand smooth a stem at this price point. Anyone else notice this?

  9. Hi Brad,

    Kenny Roberts here from Syntace USA. Please send a pic to me at so I that I can check this out and send to Germany for inspection. I just checked several stems in our stock and I don’t see any cases of what you are describing. Also please tell me where you purchased the stem.

    Thanks – Kenny

  10. Just got mine and I found that the cap not come with a bolt nor does a 31.8 carbon Haven bar fit into the MegaForce 2 (30mm) stem’s seat too easily. Funny coincidence how my frame with included FSA integrated headset didn’t have a stem bolt nor cap either, and I had to bum an A2 bolt from the bike shop. I guess Syntace saved me money there. The 200d Snap Fit design they have makes it rather tight. I had to put quite a bit of pressure to press fit that bar from the front. It doesn’t slide in from the side too easily and would mark up a bar badly if you tried. The pressing procedure is likely to cause marks on the bar, so it’s not something that would work if you changed bars. Wonder how this would go for someone who didn’t read the instruction sheet.

    Didn’t find nicks on the steerer side of my stem. Slid on easily from the box, onto an alloy RockShox steerer.

    Good quality from Syntace indeed. Even with the cardboard retail packaging, it felt light. I feel it was an upgrade over Thomson, though I was originally really just going for a shorter stem.

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