Kickstarter to Conversation Starter: Roads Were Not Built For Cars

The next time you’re politely discussing bicycle versus motorized traffic and the various rights to the paved roads we are all supposed to share, it might be helpful to have a little historical firepower bolstering your viewpoint.

BikeBiz editor Carlton Reid has put together two years worth of research into Roads Were Not Built For Cars, a book/e-book that explores the role US and UK cyclists had in paving the way toward modern roadways. We like Carlton. He’s a reasonable man, and has included plenty of automotive history in the story as well, providing a balanced look at how and why roads are what they are today. More importantly, the book aims to put cyclists back into the conversation about road and transit development, something sorely needed throughout the “modern” world as we all try to make our cities more livable and green.

Check the Kickstarter campaign here and lend your support. Kindle, iPad and print versions are up for grabs, and backers at just £16 and up get invites to three launch parties planned throughout the UK.


4 thoughts on “Kickstarter to Conversation Starter: Roads Were Not Built For Cars

  1. The real scandal is how Big Auto bought up and closed down cheap, efficient transit to force increased car usage.

  2. lost a $100 light and rocked my knee in Denver on their shitty ass uncared for bike paths. thanks for the giant piles of sleet snow and ice everywhere.

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