Lazer May Soon Jump on Aero Train, Teases new Helium Fast

After seeing this Flanders Edition Lazer Helium FAST, you may be thinking that Lazer already essentially had an aero helmet thanks to their AeroShell found on both the Helium and Tardiz. This is true, but thanks to UCI regulations the helmet is not allowed to have removable parts. Because of that, Lazer sponsored riders like Andre Greipel and Bart Wellens have been spotted wearing a one-piece, shiny chrome aero shell helmet called the Helium FAST. Details are scarce at the moment, though while seeming to initially be a pro-only type of deal, this Flanders Edition FAST just popped up on Lazer’s tumblr making us think that a consumer version is very close to reality.


  1. Some partnership with Ridley they’ve got at Lotto. Now they’re using the “FAST” name. Is it so weird I can only like this and the Kask Vertigo Tri because they still somewhat resemble current helmets?

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