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Thanks to Thomas for sending this in!


  1. That video is the worst everything about bike culture today. Makes me want to get a Razor scooter and disappear into the woods forever.

  2. Also, it’s so cute that the euros still care about fixed gear. Didn’t they hear that they’re SUPPOSED to be into cyclocross now? I’m sure their ‘fixie bikes’ will be collecting dust in another year or two, once word reaches them.

  3. this is more of a mirror-wank than a bike ride.

    changing your tire halfway down instead of using a bike with brakes? I guess i am just not cool enough to understand why

  4. Euro Hipster logic: The only acceptable accessory is a single sticker. As a film editor you must point out this fact by show rider pulling Garmin from jersey pocket to check stats.

  5. Such hate. Fak me!
    Pretty impressive regardless. Forget the ‘style’ and stigma that goes with the fixie culture, this guy pounded out the Galibier! He’s not wearing his sister’s tight a** pants, no helmet, skater shoes and a lock attached to his belt loop while carrying a messenger bag. He’s a guy on a bike riding up a mountain.
    So many d*cks who make such negative comments on this site.

  6. silly hipster…. Multiple skid marks on the road for the descend make me think he attempted the scenes multiple times and just went out for the shots and did not climb the whole mountain. So I guess he can blow out his knees his challenging ride to the local coffee shop.

  7. here I am on the other side of the option again- Hipster? this guy is Anything but a hipster! he is on a Low traffic road wearing proper cycling attire, not being an idiot/asshole to anyone, tell me what about him is hipster? and Oh hey NO hipster would ever be able to Actually climb that road in the gearing.

    I would like to see any one of the haters ride that road on a track bike! totally something I would attempt, Not to physically harm myself but to challenge myself to see if can Actually do it, what is so bad about that?

    frankly I think you guys are just hating on him because you can’t to it.

    and a final note about the bike and the tire change- he isn’t using a “fixie” he is using a Proper track bike, NO where to mount a brake! how the hell is he supposed to stop himself?? oh and as far as blowing out his knees the guy has probably done this ride a handful of times, Unlike hipsters that ride brakeless of years on end.

  8. @Quinn So what if he is using a Proper Track Bike? Did he get halfway down and say “somehow I’ve ended up on a bike on which won’t accept a brake, I have no choice in how to stop myself”? No, he made the (foolish) choice himself.

    @biggie The contradiction of “stop hating and ignore style, at least he isn’t a hipster who wears clothes that make me angry” isn’t lost on anyone.

  9. @Ralphy – learn to use quotation marks properly and if you’re going to quote someone, get it right. Your grammar is as sophisticated as your narrow mind.

    @heatwave23 – you really have no idea how big that mountain is.

    Hey, since we’re all hating on fixed gears, let’s pick on those tattoo wearing freaks we identify as single speeders too. My gwad, what are they thinking turning one gear all the time!?!?! is there anyone else we can point and scoff at who doesn’t fit into our mold of what a cyclist is, should be, should ride, should dress like?!?

  10. Thought this video certainly has some corny moments. Props to this guy though for taking on a climb of this magnitude with a fixed gear.

    I wish more cyclists had an opportunity to ride a fixed gear as part of training. It will allow you to have a more consistent pedal stroke and increase your climbing speed.

    I use a fixed gear to commute on, and have been for several years. I’ve never busted a chain and my knees are in great shape. Our cycling community needs to be more accepting of different styles of riding. Just enjoy the ride!

  11. I did a tour in France last year on a 42×16 ss. Went over some pretty big climbs (1600m ish) and a few things I would like to point out….

    1) It really is not as hard as people think to ride a ss/fixie up a big mountain. It’s just in your head.

    2) Going down some of the mountains with no brakes is pretty dumb. There were a bunch of times when you would go round a corner and find traffic had stopped. This guy would not have enough time to stop.

    3) This was very much a mirror wank. But then again, who knows how much the dude got paid for it.

    Still an impressive performance from him, but then again he didnt have 4kg of touring kit so I would give him a run for his money.

  12. the video is edited, i don’t think he actually did it.
    check the top of the climb, as he starts to descend, the video has a huge amount of distortion around the rider….

  13. _to be clear:
    I for one never said anything negative about the effort required to push a fixie up that giant pass. But i do think it’s incredibly stupid to use a tire not for a season or more like everyone else here, but for a single ride (or a portion of a ride) and throw it away because its skidded out…..so utterly wasteful….he should be ashamed.

  14. why all of the hate for this rider. life is so much more then being a critic and judgemental of someone else. ride your bike the way you want to let others ride the way they want to. what’s the big deal. get out of your little box that you’ve locked yourself into. it was an amazing ride. that’s it.

  15. What’s up with the comments? Stereotyping everyone who rides a fixed gear as a hipster is like saying all road cyclists are entitled whiners that wear peacock colored jerseys and have no bike handling skills.

  16. That is great comedy. Buddy should be on Le Sketch Show. Takes a really rocket scientist to descend an HC climb with no brakes.

  17. Wow….I’ve seen this video a couple of times…I love it! It captures a lot of things I like! Even black metal! Let the purists be purists, and the boneheads be boneheads…this video is AWESOME! Regardless he’s on a fixed gear, I would like to see 90% of the haters here accomplish such thing.

    I don’t see proper cycling attire including helmet, oakley jawbones, clipless pedals as hipster gear. And if it is….wow, this comment section is full of ’em!

    Try climbing a fixed gear bike….and make a sweet video while you’re at it. That is all.

  18. silverlining:

    He IS sponsored by Red Bull…..

    When you see Aaron Gwin or any other athlete sponsored by redbull with their logo…do you ask the same thing?


  19. dhbomber:

    I’m not really sure why this guy is sponsored by Red Bull?

    Aaron Gwin races downhill bikes. So I get the connection with Red Bull.

    I don’t see Aaron Gwin making a heavily staged video of himself waxing poetic on the subject of riding his downhill bike up a chairlift line just to challenge himself.

    Now if Gwin were to bring us up to speed on the fine art of pixie racing, while wearing a red bull jacket, that would be something to truly celebrate!

  20. Quote:
    Gravity – 03/26/13 – 8:18am

    Also, it’s so cute that the euros still care about fixed gear. Didn’t they hear that they’re SUPPOSED to be into cyclocross now? I’m sure their ‘fixie bikes’ will be collecting dust in another year or two, once word reaches them.
    Ahem… did you even bother to check the date on the video? It was posted over two years ago on vimeo. If you look at his more recent pics on his tumbler you’ll see a nice pic of him riding some fixed CX and collecting mud, man sized dust really.

  21. Bike Snob did a terrific play-by-play of this video. Classic!! There’s nothing “spiritual” about riding a fixie, nor is anything he’s doing terrifically difficult or compelling. It’s a bike ride. Actually, the video displays his idiocy, as choosing to ride a fixie in the mountains is ridiculous. It’s a track bike…designed to ride on a flat, oval track! Not having brakes is well, stupid. As one of the other comments above pointed out, he could have run into traffic, and really been up a creek.

    I don’t know why Red Bull sponsors this guy, either. Kind of strange choice for them. Maybe it helps them sell their sport drinks to the fashionably stupid and suicidal.

  22. Not just run into traffic. You can see all the skidmarks from multiple filming takes. Easy way to make you tire blow up at speed. STOOOOPID. I know it is just a staged video clip, still no reason not to add at least a front brake.

  23. To the bigots and stalwarts.
    What a great reflection of a friendly, happy and open cycling culture.
    Really very saddened as to why people appear to be so judgmental, narrow minded and ignorant.
    Riding a track bike on the road and riding at this level requires hours of training, great skill, will power and technique. For those that just simply don’t get why the bike has no brakes a closer comparison would be snowboarding. You need skill and technique to be controlled as you descend a mountain at speed… with no brake. Its challenging and fun. People should try it before choosing to criticize others.

    Why do this… Why not?
    The guy lives in the mountains, its his backyard. Everyone and there dog cycles here on road bikes and the like. He’s chosen to do something different. If we don’t try things and push ourselves forwards how do we ever grow.

    So what if he is sponsored and people want to film what he does, the guy is talented, he has to eat and put a roof over his head. It seems that people have grandiose, wild and fantastical ideas of what sponsorship is really like. In reality 99% of the time good things like this happen naturally, people do it for the challenge and love of life.

    This beautifully shot edit makes me want to go ride, push myself forward and be better. Not criticize and be bitter. It’s not only about cycling. Athletes like Patrick Seabase push the boundaries and inspire, life would be a duller place if people of his nature did not exist.

    Well done to him and Boo to you.

  24. Apparently there’s one rule of cycling culture etiquette: You have to approve of everything cycling-related at all times. Even if your criticism is not about someone riding up a hill at all, but their preening, overwrought video, too bad.

  25. You guys sure love your hater-aid. But I guess haters are going to hate. If the title had been “Patrick Seabase & His Geared Road Bike Versus Galibier” no one would have watched it.

  26. People who ride on public roads without brakes are idiots who give all cyclists a bad image. They are a danger to themselves (don’t care) and to other road users.

    Skidding the rear wheel is not good enough.

  27. Well said Grenade especially with making the connection to skiing and snowboarding and how none of those have breaks! I mean people are literally skiing down a hill to their death and no body really says anything about that!

    Patrick simply wanted to share his positive experience of biking and overcoming a challenge, which was climbing up a mountain. People just went and ruined it because it is easier to sit behind a computer screen and write hateful comments to someone else’s achievement.

    Don’t watch if you don’t agree with the content of the video. Seriously. Get a life.

  28. @Rob I think he is mart enough to realize that there was no traffic and other bikers out that day to not worry about having to break last minute. Even in a car with breaks, if you don’t pay attention your breaks are useless. I think being aware of your surroundings is far more important than having breaks as countless car accidents will prove.

  29. I wish people some times would just say “good job doing something tough” instead of saying how stupid they think someone else is. I think Seabase is amazing. He does something I cannot and that inspires me. Not that I want to do what he does, I just like to see what people can do. Other than talk crap and put others down. Even though that’s what I just did.

  30. If a bike with brakes create skidmarks on the road, nobody cares. If a fixed gear create skidmarks on the road, EVERYBODY complains!

    The first bikes in the history of human beings are FIXED GEAR bikes. Why so much hate? Coz many fat arse bikers who coasts their way from point A to point B could no longer brag the mileages they get, thats why.

  31. the best comment so far:

    “why all of the hate for this rider. life is so much more then being a critic and judgemental of someone else. ride your bike the way you want to let others ride the way they want to. what’s the big deal. get out of your little box that you’ve locked yourself into. it was an amazing ride. that’s it. “

  32. haha

    yeah probably people are searching the web for this,just to give some negative comments, and show how much they envy a persons life…

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