It may be Spring (or still Winter), but Yeti’s Joey Schuesler demonstrates why Fall is one of our favorite times to ride. Ride along as Joey rips through the aspens in Colorado aboard an SB-66.


  1. @Ummmm, I was thinking the same thing — some of those shots were not on an established trail, but soft forest loam. I guess the idea was to show a lot of loose stuff being kicked up, but it just seemed kind of destructive to me.

  2. This will be my 1st negative comment on BR…

    The feel of the video was awesome – scenery, music, etc. But, if everyone rode like that our trails would be shredded with little left as singletrack. It irks me when bike companies show off their product in a way that is destructive to our overall sport – trail conditions, access issues, and general public opinion of mountain bikers.

  3. The video is awesome!I just don’t understand the negative comments.What do you think of DH guys then?And their 2.5 tires….. If you gonna ride 5mph to preserve soft forest loam,go ride road bikes….this is nothing compare to what quads and motocross bikes do to the trails…not to mention exhaust gases and noise.

  4. Ritchey–I think you misunderstand what most real DH guys do on their bikes if you think they skid and slide around every corner like this guy. Watch a world cup DH race and see how the fastest guys corner. Speed is cooler than flinging dirt and f*ing up a good trail.

  5. @justtin – Disagree. If you have ever ridden a bike on a trail you have done this much damage. A little dust flying is really not that big of a deal in the bigger picture. This is how all the best trails come to be, they get worked in by bikes. If you are so sensitive to this I would advise never riding again on dirt, as you will cause too much damage. The only difference in this video is it’s highlighted with slomo. If it was full speed you wouldn’t have even noticed. WC DH guys cause far more damage to any and every trail they ride.

  6. Justin-I don’t mention WC racing.. that is obvious for what you are saying because DH wc racers will lose precious seconds if they skid around corners…imagine rain on race day B)…they slide a hell out off trail…,nevertheless the guy in this video is pretty fast!

    Cheers! 🙂

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