Video: I’m Faster Than You

We all hate know this guy or have seen the type in the parking lot.

Be advised, language is not appropriate for kids (aka some swear words.) Fingers crossed there’s a road bike version in the works! Courtesy of IFHT.


13 thoughts on “Video: I’m Faster Than You

  1. Yeah sure was pretty entertaining until he used ‘gay’ as a derogatory term. I thought society was moving on from that. Grow up and get over yourselves.

  2. @ADDZ Stop being “gay” (Adj, informal: foolish). Maybe you don’t understand the use of the term “gay”. What does “society moving on” have to do with using words like gay, lame, dope, beast, etc.? I think you should get over your-own-self and rethink how slang is used with more of an open mind. Aside from all that, you should try being more “gay” (Adjective: lighthearted and carefree)

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