Rob Honeycutt certainly knows his way around bags and business, what with his past experiences with Timbuk2, Zuluworks, and RickShaw Bagworks. Rob ventured into new territory in 2008 when he set off to found Snik – a company that has basically built itself on ways to manage your headphone cords. What does that have to do with bikes? Well, Rob’s newest project aims to eliminate some of those cords all together – a feature that would be welcome by cyclists and runners a like who use music to train.

Elroy promises to rid you of 2/3 of your wires, plus a whole lot more.

Timbuk2 Founder Trades Bags for Tunes, Funds Elroy Bluetooth in 8 Hours

Currently on Kickstarter, Elroy reached its $30,000 funding level within the first 8 hours, and it’s still going strong at over $80k. If they make it to the goal of $100k, Rob says they will be able to design their own custom set of earbuds specially for Elroy. Though, one of the coolest features of Elroy is that it is compatible with any headphones with 3.5mm jack – turning your favorite pair into wireless. Additionally, Elroy has built in magnetic docking points for your earbuds so that when you’re not using them you can keep your wires from tangling. Also, removing and and replacing them answers and ends calls, and pauses music.

Timbuk2 Founder Trades Bags for Tunes, Funds Elroy Bluetooth in 8 Hours

For the biking crowd, the wireless feature will likely be the standout. Built with a spring steel clip, you can attach Elroy to your collar or even your helmet to untether you from your device. Elroy has built in controls to allow you to change volume, track, or use phone feature such as SIRI. Additionally, when you are at home and your phone is on the charger or docked in a speaker system, you can use Elroy to answer calls without ever touching your phone. Elroy transmits via Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and is charged via a micro USB cord for 5 hours talk time and 100 hours standby.

Perhaps the most interesting thing of all, is that the Elroy will be made right here in the USA.


  1. There’s already a fantastic bluetooth dongle that works great for any of your headphones…and it’s cheap!
    I’ve been using this for over a year now and I can ski/ride all day with it and it hasn’t died yet. I’m amazed how long that tiny little rechargeable battery lasts. I just wish more companies would make short-cord headphones.

    With one of these dongles, you really want to get rid of all that excessive cord. I have some Polk headphones that separate down to 12″ cords which is perfect for these. I also use it with my old ipod nano..(the last true small square one with the screen) and just clip the nano to my hat while running or to my pack or shirt while biking. The whole point is to be cordless, so why don’t more headphone makers make shorter cords???

  2. Cool idea but I possibly see a trademark or copyright infringement with the “ELROY” name and logo with the Hanna-Barbera cartoon character Elroy Jetson from the cartoon series “The Jetsons”….

  3. While the idea of bluetooth headphones is appealing, the sensors are more bulky than my solution… An ipod nano with a single short cord earbud(s) from (I’m not advertising, just a fan)

    I just clip the nano on the back of my helmet and I’m set and it’s cheaper and less complicated than this.

  4. @Johnny – Elroy is an old, common Latin-derived name. Hanna-Barbara can’t lay infringement claims against its use unless they throw a picture of Elroy Jetson on the product/packaging/promotion. Elroy Jetson is the first thing I think of when I hear the name, so pretty clever on their part.

  5. @Johnny – uglyyeti is correct. I think the rule is that as long as the name doesn’t cause confusion that it is associated with the other product/image then it is ok..

  6. What we need is more people on more phones more of the time, especially when they’re in their cars and riding their bikes at 25+ mph speeds.

  7. Um. Yeah – tune out – train – turn to roadkill.

    Heck, I have a pair of 5 year old Sony Ericsson BT headphones that do all of this. Nothing like originality, I guess!

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