BioLogic Goes Bluetooth, Offers Smart Heart Strap


Following the trends of mobile based biometrics, BioLogic has introduced their new Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate strap. Aimed at providing heart rate data for mobile apps like BioLogic’s own BikeBrain, Strava, and countless others the heart rate strap will function with Bluetooth enabled cycling computers, like the Wahoo’s RFLKT, as well.

The Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Strap is built with a SoftCore chest strap which utilizes Suunto’s patented technology for a flexible, comfortable fit. Thanks to the removable main unit via snaps, the strap is fully washable and fits chests from 68-150cm with the included extenstion.

Utilizing the power saving Bluetooth Smart wireless system, the BioLogic strap gets around 200 hours of use from a single coin cell battery. Compatible devices include the iPhone 4s and 5, and many Android devices. Straps will be sold at a $69 MSRP and are shipping to distributors now.


  1. Will it work with garmin devices? My garmin straps have a pretty short life before getting erratic, I need to replace my and my sons so would prefer something that will last more than a season.


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