Silk Cycles Folding Road Bike

At first glance, this road bike from Silk Cycles seems to have to many tubes. Upon closer inspection however, I quickly realized the engineering work at hand here.  The bike is a full size folder, and an elegantly designed one at that.

See just how the bike breaks down on the other side, plus a wild steampunk build from Donkelope…

Silk Cycles Folding Road Bike Bars

Silk Cycles Folding Road Bike Folding 1

With the rear saddle bag removed, you gain access to a pin in the frame that allows for disassembly.

Silk Cycles Folding Road Bike Folding 2

The rear triangle swings around on the bottom bracket.

Silk Cycles Folding Road Bike QR Wheel Holder

This oddly placed QR is anything but, as it is designed to hold the wheel once the bike is folded.  The gap in the custom made bottle holder allows for the tire to pass through.

Silk Cycles Folding Road Bike BB Hinge

The bottom bracket hinge sits just above the BB shell.

Silk Cycles Folding Road Bike Folded

Silk Cycles Folding Road Bike Folded 2

This was easily one of the most innovative and well designed bikes on the show floor.


Donkelope Steampunk Bike

On hand in the Donkelope booth was an inspiring mix of the old and new dubbed the Steampunk Bike.  This bike houses hydraulic disc brakes, Alfine Di2, and very special headlight within the classic aesthetic.

Donkelope Steampunk Bike Toptube

Donkelope Steampunk Bike Light and Custom Brake Line

The custom brake line is from the auto parts store, and was hand bent.  That vintage headlight isn’t so vintage anymore.  The inndards have been gutted in favor of an LED retrofit.

Donkelope Steampunk Bike LED Light

The guts were taken from a Busch and Muller light, and it’s powered by a front generator hub.

Donkelope Steampunk Bike Fender Mount

The unique fender mounts are some of my favorite of any custom.

Donkelope Steampunk Bike Chaingaurd

Donkelope Steampunk Bike Brassed Headtube

In keeping with the Steampunk theme, the headtube was covered in brass and then distressed in places.

Donkelope Steampunk Bike Alfine di2

Donkelope Tourning Rigq

Donkelope had a bike a bit more on the normal side on display as well.  This S & S coupled touring rig was good example of the work that comes from the shop on a regular basis.

Donkelope Touring Rig Logo

Donkelope Touring Rig Rear Rack

Donkelope Touring Rig Front Rack

Custom made front and rear racks were fitted.  The lower “low rider” portion of the front rack is removable for those times when a smaller bag is all you need.

Donkelope Touring Rig Custom Stem


  1. I hate how all the comments on this website are always negative or critical of someone or something. (Except for the fat bike at walmart, it deserved it.) This is a great looking bike. A different take on a folding bike.

  2. Do people actually buy 700c wheel folding bikes? How do they transport them when not riding? If I’m in the market for a folder, it damn well better turn into something I can actually carry or pack up and carry.


  3. Seriously, two typos before the fold? Are you guys even trying anymore? Does spell check not exist on your computers or browsers?
    On a positive note, nice bikes.

  4. Looks like you could get it down to the same size as a Ritchey breakaway bike. I am sure you could use the case as well.

  5. @ Your Face – folders are a different thing than coupled bikes. The whole point of a folder is that you don’t have to do *anything* but pull a pin or a quick release or two, fold, and grab a handle, pick up, and get on the train/subway/whatever, then fold it back out when you get off and ride to your office/home.

    You don’t disassemble the whole bike and put it in a case so you can reassemble and ride while you’re on vacation in wine country – totally different idea and purpose than a Breakaway or S&S bike.


  6. Fantastic folder. Finally something I can take on the train that doesn’t look like a child’s toy after I pedal away on it.

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