Kind Shock LEV carbon fiber dropper seatpost for XC and cyclocross

Kind Shock is developing a short travel carbon fiber dropper seatpost aimed at cross country and cyclocross racers.

Compared to the 465g 125mm drop LEV Integra, this carbon one comes in at a claimed 325g but gets only 65mm of travel. It’s shown here without the cable, but looks like they’ll continue their (much preferred) cable entry at the base of the slider rather than the top of the post. Beyond the shortened travel, the obvious difference is the carbon fiber main post, the first we’ve seen on an adjustable height seatpost.

It should be available late this year with its official debut at Sea Otter in April. Price is TBD.


  1. If you do not think you will benefit from a dropper post for XC riding, you are riding weak sauce trails.

    Of course it helps.

  2. If you think about it, given the extra high saddle heights and low bar heights, a dropper post actually makes MORE sense for an XC bike than a free ride/AM bike. The only issue for XC bikes has always been weight. Get the weight close enough to a traditional post and you’ll start seeing XC pros using them. Then they’ll trickle down to everyone else.

    Actually, I take that back, Pros can be notorious for not adopting widely used it will start with rich guys who can’t ride, then Cat 1 guys, and then on to everyone else!

  3. @mindless- but a lot of cross country racing does take place on weak sauce trails. Or on great trails where the descents are of a high speed flowing nature where there is little benefit to dropping the saddle if you know how to handle a bike. And cyclocross racing? Seriously?

    Don’t get me wrong- I think droppers are a great innovation for most trail riders. But, I think it is marketing drivel to push a $600 lightweight dropper in the name of a competitive advantage for cross country and cyclocross. In reality this is going to end up on $8000+ carbon superbikes and their owners will wonder how they ever lived without them when they are shredding the steeps of their local bike path.

  4. The hard part is the manufacturers are not quite there and people haven’t adopted them enough to realize their place and use.

  5. This will make you go faster period. Getting your saddle out of the way and allowing room to get into a better downhill position is faster. To deny this is close-minded. It’s about time we’ll see this tech aimed at the XC race crowd.

  6. Excellent ! Finally someone made it and with the cable at the base. Keep fingers crossed for good internals and we’ll have an incredible product.

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