Intense Cycles Hints towards the EVOlution

Hinting at some sort of EVOlution, Intense Cycles updated their Facebook page with the image above. So what is it? Is it the Intense 2951 that has been teased since 2009 finally becoming a production reality? Or will the 2951 be scrapped for a less conveniently named 27.551? Looks like we’ll find out in April, no doubt with more information by Sea Otter. Unless this is an early April Fools joke…

Check out the photos of the prototype 2951 after the break.

Intense Cycles Hints towards the EVOlution


Intense Cycles Hints towards the EVOlution



  1. Wheels definitiely look a bit smaller than on the 2951, though I’m not breaking out photoshop to measure anything.

    And 650b = 27 not 27.5, unless all you care about is marketing BS, which is the way the industry seems to be going.

  2. Good thing there are actually 29er DH tires that are at least starting production (DHF Minion 2-ply DH casing). What’s 27.5 got for DH tires? There’s Nevegals on the 27.5 M9 that was pictured a couple months ago.

  3. @Mike. If you’re going to argue semantics… Calling 650b tires “27.5” is actually more accurate than calling 26 tires “26”.

    650b x 2.0 = 705mm = 27.5″
    26 x 2.0 = 675mm = 26.6″
    29 x 2.0 = 740mm = 29.1″

  4. Didn’t think I’d have to say it, but my last post probably could’ve been misinterpreted by those who didn’t compare axle height to BB height. Wheels def look smaller than the 2951’s. Not sure what tires they are, but they look rather round and not very aggressive.

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