Chris King Updates Hub Service Tool to Include Oversized ISO Front Hub

Thanks to the addition of an updated red anodized Large Split Ring and a Large Diameter Bushing, the Chris king Hub Tool is now compatible with all King hubs except the R45 series. Updated tools will feature the red anodized parts instead of the previous pewter Split Ring in order to differentiate the parts. Specifically, the new additions allow users to remove and service the bearings in the Large Diameter Chris King ISO front hubs. For those who already own a tool, Red LG Split Rings and LD guide bushings will be available separately and are compatible with all existing hub service tools.  An updated service manual can be found in their tech section, as well as a 9 page instructional on how to brew their coffee. You’re welcome.


  1. Chris king products are incredible. But it’s the fact that you need their specialty tools to work on the hubs that drives me to DT Swiss and their star ratchet system.

  2. You can’t service the bearings of a rear DT240 without the equally expensive DT tool kit. The fixed part of the ratchet ring needs to be removed with a special tool to get to the main bearing.

  3. @Mike so when your DT bearings are shot, do you just remove them and press the new ones in with a hammer and screwdriver? With that said, their star ratchet system couldn’t be easier to service tool free.

  4. I have 3 sets of king had be that are over 5 years old. I did change one to 142×12. I didn’t need to even look at the bearings though. I have never even thought about buying the tool

  5. servicing the main bearings of a chris king hub does not require their tool. that is only if you need to pull the entire bearing out as opposed to cleaning and regreasing.

  6. You really don’t need the Hub Service Tool unless you’re a shop that deals with a lot of King stuff or are just someone who has to have every tool. We have it at the shop I work at, we’ve used it once. It is an absolute pleasure to use though, very well designed and built.

  7. You can do a lot of service on the hub without the tools but full service you definitely need, Amazing quality stuff and I will continue to buy King stuff. I just wish they figured out a more cost effective way to the tools. I wouldn’t mind buying the tool, even at their current MRSP, but the fact that I need 2 separate tools to service the road hub and the mountain bike hub, makes 2 x $170 a bit much. I wish there was a way one tool could work with different adapters or something.

  8. yawn. chris king hubs are not worth it. draggy bullsh*t, always loose, seen the hubs crack, blown outa headset myself, had ancient crap technology until cane creek’s patent expired.

    i run dt swiss, industry nine, and cane creek parts. LATER BRO!

  9. I have a pair of King hubs. They don’t sound like angry bees. More like a fire truck. Every time I’m riding along, people turn around. Try touring with them. You’re coasting along the Park Road in the Tetons taking in the scenery, and you hear this incessant buzzing. That’s what I went through. Great hubs, easy to service (I have their tools), but that damn noise…

  10. Oh guys, even I like CK for their quality and superior finish. Their are definitely not indestructible but it’s possible to run the hubs without any service for some years. The only hubs with the same level of sealing and bearings are the XTR Hubs.

    And no, DT Swiss is not on the same level. The bearings are standard stainless bearings like the ones in CK hubs, but the sealing between the hub main body and the freehub body causes problems (sometimes). And well the standard ratchets have only 18 teeth, that’s the level of Deore Hubs. Even SLX Hubs are better in this case…

  11. CRACKED Chris King Hubs – I have had TWO Chris King hubs crack and not through abuse either. I have also seen several pictures of cracked CK hubs on the internet and Youtube.

    I don’t know if CK hubs are cold forged before the CNC process like Shimano or Hope. I have asked but CK won’t discuss, I therefore suspect they are simply CNC’d from aluminium billets / bars.

    The new DT Swiss Spline hubs are cold forged and tool free maintenance.

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