First Look: X Fusion’s New RV1 DH Fork

First Look: X Fusion's New RV1 DH Fork

Even though the original teaser didn’t show much, it was a sign of what’s to come – namely, X Fusion’s first dual crown DH fork, the RV1.  A lot of our speculations turned out to be true, though there are quite a few thing like the lower guards we didn’t see coming. The new for 2014 RV1 joins what looks to be another gravity oriented fork with a similar, but single crown chassis the Metric (not pictured). X Fusion looks to have quite a bit of new goods that will all be introduced before Sea Otter, though for now let’s concentrate on this RV1!

First Look: X Fusion's New RV1 DH Fork

Maybe the most eye catching part of the RV1 is the UD carbon fiber leg guards – that or the available Chrome finish with matching polished crowns. The fork guards look to be replaceable should you destroy them, but better them than your fork. As speculated, the RV1 is built on a 36mm stanchion chassis with 200mm of travel that is adjustable to 180mm internally with X Fusion’s push pin system. Coil sprung, the fork will check in at 6.3lbs with an uncut steerer. Hinting towards more 27.5 DH bikes in the future, the RV1 will be offered in 26 or 27.5″ versions that will use the same lowers but will have different crown offsets.

First Look: X Fusion's New RV1 DH Fork

The RV1 will feature external compression adjustment with separate high and low speed settings, as well as external low speed rebound adjustment through X Fusion’s twin tube HLR damper. Keeping things sliding smoothly will be X Fusion’s new more durable, lower friction Nvolve fork seals – which are featured across their entire fork line. Those ports we spotted on the teaser are indeed pressure release valves to remove built up pressure in the fork’s lowers. RV1s will be speced with pressure relief valves that require a 2.5mm allen wrench to open, though they will offer tool-less valves as an upgrade. The fork also has fender and mud guard mounts for those days when your front tire is slinging mud. Keeping your wheel in place is a 20mm thru axle that is not quick release – though it only has one pinch bolt.

Projected availability is July 2013, with an MSRP of $1299.


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