World’s First 360 Bike Flip to Whip

Sometimes slow mo isn’t slow enough. I could watch this video for the next 30 minutes and still never understand how Michael Beran landed this trick.


16 thoughts on “World’s First 360 Bike Flip to Whip

  1. Isn’t that a double tail whip 360? What is flipping in there? Imo skateboarding is the only sport where spins and flip tricks look good because the board is not attached to the feet and there are no handlebars. All these other sports are sort of weird looking. Bmx racing is sick but the air ballet is hehh hmm. Same goes for freestyle mx, freestyle snowboarding and wakeboarding. If it has handles or bindings it should be racing or back country riding not air ballet. Sry.

  2. @ dale – its a tough angle to catch it but the difference between a tail whip and bike flip from what i get is in a tail whip – the bike only moves in one plain – parallel with the ground (ish). think of a “bike flip” as an off-axis tail whip and the bike is flipped to the side of the rider. also, in the bike flip if you notice the rider very closely – in order to pull off this off-axis “tail-whip” the rider needs to take one hand off the bars to complete the trick. a bike flip and tail whip are verrrry different tricks to pull off. the combination…is just crazy

    this vid shows the hand off the bars way better:

  3. If you look closely you see the bikeflip is one handed and its rotates through his ‘loose grip’, the back of the bike doesn’t rotate around the head tube until he grabs it with his other hand for the tailwhip. A bikeflip can look an awful lot like a tailwhip if the rider is off axis.

  4. It’s kinda funny how people will hate on something they don’t understand. It’s ok that you don’t like BMX or don’t fully understand what your seeing. It is however kinda sad that you continue to hold your stance when it is completely ignorant. I know nothing about plumbing, so there fore I have no opinion about plumbers.

  5. Flip: Verb: Turn over or cause to turn over with a sudden sharp movement: —– obviously he “turned the handle bars over”… maybe it wasnt a flip like most are use to seeing which would more definitively be described as a “roll” but this was a flip none the less

  6. fckng YOU’RE!!!!!

    Fatty you call the guy ignorant right after you say he doesn’t understand “his seeing”. @&$^)*&@^$)%P@*(&#$_@&%^)(@*$&%)(#*$&^)#(*$%&^)_#(*$&^)#(*$&^U

    Also, the bike won’t ever be UCI legal…

  7. Holy sheeeeeetz. Way too fast to catch everything that happened in a few replays. Once I tried to slow it down, I saw it all clearly:

    He does a 90 degree turn, flips the bike (without flipping himself with it), then whips the bike around, then rotates his body to complete a 360, while stopping the whip, finding the pedals. and spotting the landing. Exactly what the title said. I then watch it in full speed again to appreciate how it’s all done so fast. Amusing that there’s a little foot wag in there, as if he wants to add another trick.

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