I’m not sure what surprises me more, the amazingly functional prosthetic finger design Colin Macduff created out of bicycle parts, or how incredulous the news reporter was that he “drew on his love of bicycling, of all things?” Many cyclists I know are all tinkerers and MacGyvers in their own rights, but Colin gets some serious credit for creating such a simple, yet effective replacement for someone who has lost a finger. With only 3 moving parts, Colin has secured a patent for his design and is currently fitting patients who come to him for a new grip on life. Presumably each prosthetic is custom since size and shape would depend on which finger and the person’s hand size and KOMO news is reporting that each finger takes around 10-12 weeks to craft – the cost of which is usually picked up completely by the patients insurance.


  1. Love to get a closer look, looks most brilliant. I can see this developing/incorporated into a glove for more damaged hands.

    Amputees are beginning to have cooler body parts than people!


  2. @vectorbug: You aren’t implying that rcmenterprise.com has somehow already done it first are you since rcmenterprise.com is Colin Macduff’s company…. I’m sure you know that, just don’t get your wording.

  3. Wow…This is really cool. I also completely agree with “The Goats” I can also see the potential for expansion of his design. I have a few buddies that lost parts of their fingers and hands in the military that I am sharing this with.

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