Boyd Cycling carbon fiber disc wheel for track triathlon and time trial road bikes
Boyd Cycling's carbon disc wheel runs on pavement and track. Photo: Diana Kotas

Boyd Cycling started on this project in 2011 with the intention of making it a 2013 product that’s both road and track compatible.

The disc is a full carbon tubular design that’s perfectly flat with two unique features that set it apart – Stiffness and track bike compatibility. Two different types of foam are inside the walls – a high density, high strength foam is at the center, with a lighter weight foam on the outer edges to reduce rotating mass. The result is a full disc that’s strong and stiff enough to use on the track.

It comes setup with a normal 9/10/11 speed freehub body and axle and a 120mm track axle in the box. Just use two 5mm allen wrenches to remove the end caps, then slide the freehub body and road axle out, replacing it with the track axle, flip the wheel around and tighten it up. Founder Boyd Johnson says it takes all of 70 seconds.

Claimed weight is 1,200 to 1,220 grams. Available now, price is $1,200. There’s also a ghosted decal option to match his other wheels. Click through for pics…

The wheel includes a 16t track cog, valve hole covers, skewer and wheel bag.


  1. I wholeheartedly disagree with diehipsterdie. I have a set of Boyd 38mm clinchers and love them. I’ve spoken on the phone with both Boyd and his wife with questions before purchasing the wheels and both were very helpful.

  2. Boyd is a great company. Have a set of 58 cc and not one problem. Local shop was impressed as well. I’ve raced cyclocross and RR with them. The whole process was a joy and look to purchase another set soon.

  3. I would agree – I also have a set of Tubulars and a set of Vitesse and I have had zero problems with Boyd and Nicole is top notch with customer service there.

  4. im sure the wheel is fine, but track compatibility is far from unique. a bunch of zipp discs are/were track compatible with an axle swap. i think the HED H3 is as well (i know, not a disc, but pretty much the same category).

  5. Have worked with Boyd Cycling for several years now; top notch company with outstanding customer service. Boyd is working it’s way to the top with quality product and quality service, period.

  6. @diehipsterdie – You seem to be a man of few words, and most of them are not polite. I own a set of 50MM Boyds and love them and I am a heavy rider. Boyd and his company are a great stand up local US based company. You call up and you get Boyd on the phone. Great product, great company, great wheels.

  7. I also disagree with diehipsterdie. I have had Boyd wheels going on three years, and as with any company there were growing pains in getting the product line established, but Boyd has provided some of the BEST customer service I have had with any company. Boyd and Nicole have shown a real commitment to making products better, and standing behind their older products. I would not hesitate to send them my business in the future.

  8. @Greg

    The track compatibility is unique at this price point. Zips are substantially more and the track axle is extra. Same with HED. Corimas can be swapped but I think the axle is nearly $250. FFWD is close to this price but still extra for the axle and its not a very stiff wheel. I haven’t tried the Boyd but as a track and road rider nseriously considering it. Get two birds stoned at once.

  9. I hate that I have to respond to this as I am sure 98% of the people out there will know that diehipsterdie is just some anonymous internet troll who could care less if he’s putting out fake information about our company.

    With that, the rims are definitely not cheaply sourced Chinese rims. As the last article that was referenced from Bike Rumor, we spent over 14 months developing our own proprietary rims in Taiwan. They are being produced in a factory that produces some of the highest end frames and carbon components in the world for a few of the major brands. We were actually very lucky to earn a spot on their floor with our still relatively small company. The rims from Taiwan and those being pushed on Alibaba and eBay from Chinese vendors are vastly different. Why would we go through all the expenses of setting up a US based wheel building facility, hire and train our four full time wheel builders, if we were just going to use cheap Chinese rims?

    We also spent a lot of time working on our own hubs that have some of the best stiffness, stability, and engagement power out there. They are not “crappy” hubs, rather we decided lets make it standard to have a hub that would be comparable to an aftermarket “boutique” hub. Since we are producing it for ourselves you don’t have to spend an extra 400-600 dollars to get it.

    Just the track record in these comments speaks for our dedication to have some of the best wheels, but even more importantly, the best customer service out there. The fact that so many of our customers made it a point to come in here and defend our company from an anonymous untrue attack leads me to believe we’re definitely doing things right.

  10. Obviously this person has a grudge against Boyd. I have six sets of wheels of different manufacturers, and by far my Boyd’s are my favorite, 55mm carbon clinchers and Vitesse. Not sure what the beef about the hubs at the center of the best rolling wheels you will find at any price. As far as customer service “Great” is all I have to say. It’s not often you can walk in the door of a manufacturer and the owner gives you a personal tour of the new expanded facility.

  11. I could not agree more with everyone except diehipsterdie. Boyd Wheels is one of the best companies to deal with. Great customer service and fast well built wheels.

  12. If this disc is anything like the wheels that Boyd makes, it will be a winner. All of Boyd’s products are top performers. Why? He takes solid parts and puts them together in a very meticulous wheels build. It is all done with some hand built love and Boyd has some cool tricks to make sure each wheel is ready to race out of the box. I had the chance to see the process in person and I am impressed. Yes, they are a sponsor…but it was initiated by my team because of value, and a great reputation. I can’t wait to try the disc!

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