Twin Six Expands Standard Collection, Plain Janes RejoiceAt Interbike last year, Twin six introduced a new, extremely subdued apparel line with everything you needed and nothing you don’t – which was great, if you were a guy. However, Twin Six is not one to keep the women out of cycling, and to go along with their awesome range of women’s clothing, the Standard Collection expands to now include 5 jerseys – the original black, white and grey men’s jerseys and now the new black and white women’s jerseys as well. Make no mistake – these are not your solid color, basic T sport shirts, these are premium, relaxed race fit, performance jerseys.

Built from their Prime T6 fabric (a performance polyester microfiber), the Standard jerseys offer excellent protection from the sun with a UPF of 28+, while keeping you dry with their MoistureTransport wicking technology. While fairly plain, the jerseys aren’t completely devoid of style with just enough logo-ing to know what you’re wearing. Full zips come standard, as well as three rear pockets, silicone waist grippers, and of course like the rest of the Twin Six line, they’re made in the USA.

Check out the men’s jerseys on the next page.

Twin Six Expands Standard Collection, Plain Janes Rejoice



  1. More companies Need to be doing this, I have been wearing (mostly) generic jerseys for a number of years because they are they only ones I can find that look like plain t-shirts, and with cycling expanding so much nation wide I am sure there is a growing market for it.

  2. Hmm, perceived value is at play here in my mind and although I like the design/idea (and Twin Six, wore my Alpe D’huez jersey today!), I have a hard time justifying $110 for a plain white/black/gray synthetic jersey… Even though I know I’m paying for more than just the materials.

  3. KindHuman I unveiling their BasiK line this spring. Black, white, solid colors, clean. Handmade in Italy, proceeds benefite underprivileged youth racers through scholarship.

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