When this first rolled across our inbox, I thought for sure it would be the same video we posted before of Evan van der Spuy getting taken out by an antelope during a mountain bike race. Instead, it is a completely new video of Robert Mennen of Team Topeak Ergon who gets knocked to the ground by what appears to be just a little baby buck – who happened to be moving at warp speed. If you blink, you’ll miss it. The collision happened during Stage 1 of the Absa Cape Epic in Citrusdal, and you see Robert pick up his bike and presumably walk to the finish to try and mend his broken stem. Thanks to GoPro’s Hero 3 for bringing us the footage!

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  1. I was broadsided/t-boned by a deer while cycling in Santa Cruz, CA in the late 90’s (coming down the UCSC great meadow path). It hit the back half of my front wheel and my right leg while I was going about 25mpg. Sent me flying straight up and upside down. The bike was fine… I unclipped in mid air and it ended up bouncing in the dirt. I landed rolling on the paved trail. Fortunately it was cold that night, so I shredded the pinky side of my windproof gloves, elbow- shoulder of a jacket (completely gone), and the knees of a pair of pants. Most of the skin loss was on my knees and elbow, but nothing broken. And most importantly, the deer got up and ran away while I was still rolling, so I got to see it while I was upside down and facing backwards and remember thinking “oh good, the deer is okay”.

  2. Doesn’t look like I’ll be going ultralight with Ritchey. There have been crashes I haven’t walked away from, but my stem has never gotten the worst of it.

  3. I talked with Robert over Skype the next day after the race and medical attention. The impact is as bad as it looks, I know my jaw hit the floor. Based on his SRM data file he was moving at roughly 35 mph when the antelope hit him. Best guess, the antelope itself also moving as fast. Needless to say the compound impact to bike and rider is pretty violent. Bones were broken, as were bike parts. This crazy act of nature definitely does not distract from out trust in our partner products. Stuff breaks, its a reality of the positions and risks we put ourselves in as riders and racers. He’s stir crazy right now not being able to pedal singletrack due to his broken collar bone. Only a matter of time now before Robert is back on the bike!

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